Remember Guerrilla Marketing? It's Still A Thing!


Starting a small business is no small feat and comes with significant challenges. But as a strong entrepreneur, you have kept your business afloat. But to ensure that your company keeps growing, you need to create a mind-blowing strategy to build your brand, and that will require creative thinking.

However, creativity sometimes is not that easy to come by, especially with all the things you need to do as a business owner.

While you struggle with conventional marketing and paying its high costs, a small business employing a secret weapon that helps them reap the benefits in plenty. If you master the art of Guerrilla marketing, success will be closer than you think.

If you are still searching for ways to make your mark in the business world, then this type of marketing is what you need.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-14-20    
Topic: Guerilla

Top 5 Misconceptions about Influencer Marketing


Marketing gurus often caution businesses about the pros and cons of influencer marketing. According to digital marketing companies in dubai, US and across the globe, those businesses who invest in influencer marketing are actually giving the control over their brand's overall image to a bunch of enterprising millennials where the final outcome can not be predicted beforehand.

In case you share the same views about influencer marketing mentioned above, then you might be a victim to the false notions of digital marketing. Contrary to the general perception, influencer marketing is actually a safe and reliable form of e- marketing which is crucial for businesses to survive and remain relevant in today's fast and competitive digital age.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 most common misconceptions about influencer marketing:

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by Steve Hall    Jan-14-20    
Topic: Social

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