Why Marketers Need Stock Music (And Where to Find It)


Everyone knows video has taken center stage in digital marketing.

And as more marketers start producing videos, the question becomes less "How do we do this?" or more "How do we do this well enough to stand out?"

Making something memorable -- whether it's a video, a tagline, or a billboard -- is marketing's oldest and most critical mission.

So how do you make a memorable video? The camerawork, lightning, script, and acting are all important.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-18-20    
Topic: Tools

Useful Tips on How to Make Great Customer Service


Customer service can single handedly determine if a business will become a success or flop. The one on one interactions between the customers and a company's employee is critical as it ensures customer satisfaction and encourages future repeat business. Business models are constantly changing and some have adopted automated self-service systems but still retain the option to speak to a human being because they are able to handle the customer better. In recent research conducted by resumethatworks, it shows that a buyer's perspective of the company is shaped massively by their experience in dealing with the company's customer service representatives.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-18-20    
Topic: Brands

Top Tips for Managing a Social Marketing Strategy


Social media has become a huge thing in the modern world. Just a few years ago, social media management was not considered as important by the mainstream media. However, with the penetration of the Internet and smartphones, social media has become huge. Research shows that 7 in 10 Americans today utilize social media, compared to 5% 15 years ago. Businesses cannot succeed today without investing in social marketing. While knowing the essence of social media is critical, developing a social media marketing strategy is more important. The following are tips that can assist to establish a strong social marketing strategy for a business.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-18-20    
Topic: Social

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