7 Effective Tips On How To Prepare For Teaching Online


As we move forward with all the events going on and new barriers popping up, it is important that we find ways to adapt. Every profession that is still in active operation has had to find ways around this so-called "new normal". But there's one profession that, by far, has the highest responsibility in adequately preparing: teachers. Teaching requires grabbing the attention of an individual or a group of individuals. With our current situation, most teachers have to do this online. That, in and of itself, may seem like a daunting task, especially for teachers that have been teaching face to face for years. If you're in the position to have to teach online, and you're relatively new to the concept, here are 7 effective tips on how to prepare.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-18-20    
Topic: Tools

A Ridiculously Easy Guide to Writing (and Selling) an eBook


"I want to write a book."

How many times have you heard this phrase? Forget it! How many times have you said it either to yourself or someone else?

If you look around, you'll find many people who want to write a book at some point in their lives. Still, only a few are able to do it.

Ever wondered why?

It's one thing to come up with an idea and another thing to convert it into a compelling eBook that's hard to put down. Many novice writers get carried away with the flow of ideas, while others lose their way in trying to create a perfect draft in the very first attempt. Writing an eBook is a long and complex process, but it doesn't have to be a daunting one (as it's generally considered).

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by Steve Hall    Jun-15-20    
Topic: Publishing

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