Importance of Basing Your Marketing Decisions on Data


Data plays a significant role in strategizing your way forward as a marketer or a business. No matter how small or big your business is or what industry you are in, data is influencing your decisions, impacting your marketing strategy, and how you operate your business.

In the present day scenario, if you don't know what your customers want, then your chances of success are extremely low. And there is no excuse for not using data to your advantage. There is a wide variety of tools available that allows you to capture a range of data at different stages in your marketing campaigns. Today, nobody practices mass and untargeted broadcasting. The advancement in digital techniques has brought in an extensive reach with precise targeting accuracy.

Data-driven decision-making involves collecting data based on key performance indicators (KPIs) or measurable goals, evaluating facts and patterns from these insights, and utilizing them for developing activities and strategies that benefit your organization in a number of areas.

Basing your marketing decisions on data allows you to work on your key business goals by leveraging analyzed and verified data instead of just trying to push buttons in the dark.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-25-20    
Topic: Tools

How Can You Design A Brand Identity For People to Like You Instantly?


There is more to a business than the product or services it sells. Instead, people pay, sometimes even a premium, for the brand experience.

Ask any iPhone user, and they will tell you that owning an iPhone isn't just about benefiting from its functional features. In fact, it is about being part of the Apple community and the prestige that comes with it.

Such companies have managed to leave a mark with their target audience by developing a sound brand identity.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-25-20    
Topic: Brands

10 Best Android Apps for Marketing Managers


The world is forever changing, with more and more companies moving towards establishing an online presence. So how do marketing managers stay updated and maintain their projects? Fortunately, most people in the industry are likely to have access to a mobile device. It can help you stay in control after ScanTeam gives you the initial boost.

Today, you'll learn about 10 of the best marketing apps for Android that you should download to keep you ahead of the rest. Over and above these apps, you should have the relevant social media apps (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) downloaded.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-20-20    
Topic: Tools

The Impact Of Marketing Content On Your Mailing List


'Content is king' is a popular marketing buzzword that becomes more relevant as consumers become more demanding and tech-savvy. It demands that businesses improve their marketing style to attract, engage, and turn their prospective customers to real customers.

Content remains the most efficient platform for businesses to connect with their audience, improve their brand awareness, expose your brand's jurisdiction, and grow trust.

According to an Experian Marketing Services research conducted in 2014, email marketing was the second most significant driver of traffic (8.15 percent) to a retail website during thanksgiving and black Friday sales. The research showed that internet search (41 percent) was used by customers looking for fair deals, followed by email marketing reach and social media, respectively.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-20-20    
Topic: Publishing

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