June 18, 2005

Envy the Cause of TomKat Mania


There's really nothing wrong with the whole Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes thing. Certainly Cruise is acting strange but who wouldn't after living 20 years in the land of Hollywood without a care in the world. Throw in a little Scientology and you've got the makings of a perfect freak. But if the two actually do like or love each other, who are we to judge. At least give them a few most or marriage, maybe a divorce or a bit of adultery. Then, maybe then, it'll be proper to have open season on the two of them.

The age difference is irrelevant. So what if he's over 40. So what if she's 24. Last I heard, people over 18 are allowed to make their own decisions. We can judge and we can ridicule but these are two people who have chosen each other and we, simply because they are famous and he jumped off a couch on Oprah, feel it's fine to crap all over them. Stranger relations have happened and been very successful. We just don't hear about them because they they happen in East Bum Fuck, Iowa instead of in Hollywood.

Of course, it's way too tempting to leave this alone. It makes great copy. And the media loves great copy. As do bloggers and seniors at their weekly coffee clatch. We can't help it. We can't control ourselves. Mostly, we angry because we aren't living the life of Tom Cruise of Katy Holmes, starring in movies, counting our millions and backing on the glow of popularity and fame. Admit it, you'd all like a piece of that. But since you can't have it, you'll just make life miserable for those that do have it.

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