June 14, 2005

Drivers Become Premature Idiots

While making my usual morning coffee run to the local Dunkin Donuts traveling the winding, wooded roadway, I passed a woman I often see taking her daily walk, raising hand weights up and down over her head. On the only straight segment of road between my house and Dunkin Donuts, I swerve out a bit to give her some room. I had already swerved back into my pane when a black Mercedes found it necessary to honk as if I had trespassed on their god given segment of road. Not two days later, the same thing happened as I pulled back into my lane. After I was back in my lane, some trashy white car felt the need to quickly swerve into my lane and back as if to warn me off its hallowed ground. I'm giving them the benefit of doubt, hoping the reason they became assholes for a moment was because they didn't realize why I had swerved out. Hopefully they'll understand I wasn't out trying to run over women who liked to exercise

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