Get Results. Initiate Employees into the Cult of Apple.

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This is part of a mailer we received for Apple's corporate gift and rewards program, which, with lots of other catchy slogans, admonishes execs to "get results. Give Apple."

Few companies can ride unconditional youth acceptance of costly lifestyle products while simultaneously suggesting that enterprises also buy the same products en masse. And engraved!

But Apple will be the first to tell you it's the exception to many rules.

by Angela Natividad    Oct-17-07    
Topic: Direct, Online, Promotions

It's Too Late to Plan Your Funeral After You're Dead


Here's a semi-witty use of a coupon in an ad for an issue that usually doesn't align itself with wit: pre-planned funerals. Even the creative brief is witty, reading, "The truth is, at some point it becomes too late to pre-plan. Why? Because you're dead." Hey, why be coy when you can get right to the point. After all, that's what all good advertising should do.

ACLC Toronto created the campaign for Mount Pleasant Cemetary.

by Steve Hall    Oct-11-07    
Topic: Direct, Good, Magazine, Strange

Short, Plaid, Pleated Mini-Skirts Fulfill Conference Goer's Fantasies


We've been to plenty of ad conferences and we've seen plenty of people sitting on the floor with their laptops checking their email or IMing a colleague but we don't recall seeing too many women wearing very short school girl-ish skirts sitting with their legs in a position that would allow all all to see...well, all. While some of us might like seeing that, we're thinking it's fairly unlikely to become anything more than a fantasy in the mind of an away-from-home conference goer.

However, the ecomXpo thinks it's the norm according to one of their recent brochures promoting this week's conference. The brochure has four people - two men and two women (because, after all, we are totally PC in this industry) - sitting on the floor using their laptops. Both women's skirts are short but one is quite short and of the pleated plaid variety, her legs, in all their glory, fully exposed. We have no problem at all with this style of dress. In fact we wish we saw it more often. Sadly, we just don't think it's something one would see too often at a trade show. Except, perhaps, during that fantasy-cum-reality hotel room tryst.

Of course, the fact the ecomXpo is a virtual trade show and not a physical one, short, plaid, pleated mini skirts on women with long legs and the fantasies they fuel make perfect sense.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 7-07    
Topic: Direct, Industry Events

Starbucks Bestows Music on Patrons to Promote iTunes Collabo

apple starbucks.jpg

We'd never have guessed that espresso, electronics and easy listening were a match made in heaven, but that's probably why we're not Starbucks or Apple. Observe chummy Schultz and Jobs at left.

To promote the fresh-formed relationship between two masters of addiction, Starbucks baristas will be giving away 1.5 million "Song of the day" cards per day between October 2 and November 7, totaling 50 million free songs.

The cards can be redeemed on iTunes.

And to make its musical fare more compatible with iTunes users who may not have an iPod or Mac on them in-store, Starbucks will also start selling "digital release" cards that enable you to download albums online.

by Angela Natividad    Sep-24-07    
Topic: Brands, Direct, Mobile/Wireless, Online, Promotions

Netflix Wants Us to Sign Up After Having Been A Member For Four Years


One would think a company like Netflix, with massive, sophisticated databases of its subscribers and the movies it rents might, when it comes to sending out its direct mail solicitations, actually be able to keep track of who's a member and who isn't. Or at least convey that to their direct marketing firm.

We've lost track of the number of times mailers have arrived asking us to become a member when we've been a member for over four years. Sometimes they come by mail. Other times they come by email. Sometimes, we'll receive a "your movie has been sent" email right after we receive a "become a member" email.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-19-07    
Topic: Bad, Direct

TV Guide, ABC to Shoot Out Promotional Hospital Gowns


ABC and TV Guide are mailing out a branded hospital gown alongside the September 24 issue of TV guide. This is so everyone will get all hyped about the season four premiere of Grey's Anatomy, which rolls back around on the 27th.

Hopefully nobody misinterprets the gesture as a cry for help on the Guide's part.

by Angela Natividad    Sep-12-07    
Topic: Brands, Direct

German Engineers Wish They'd Built the Subaru Imprezza


Subaru makes good cars. At least that's what Consumer Reports says year after year. But why do most their cars look, well, so pedestrian. While that's one person's opinion, it seems, according to a recently launched campaign for the Impreza (which does actually look better than past models) created by DB Canada, German engineers are jealous of Subaru's performance.

The campaign consists of an onslaught of television, out-of-home, online, print, direct and cinema. The cinema ad broke late July and the rest is coming soon to Canadians country-wide.

The cinema ad, which you can view here, features four German engineers out for a joy ride in the Imprezza. They cruise the test track to the tune of Falco's Amadeus until they are met with the disapproving eyes of their senior engineer who mutters disgust in German.

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Coke Eliminates Confusion With It's Version of Pepsi Challenge


Don't you hate when you get one of those letters in the mail that promises to be something it's not? You know, the one's that come from Bank of America every third day - or any financial institution for that matter - that promise magic but always turn out to be yet another credit card offer. Or how about those officious looking plain white envelopes with nothing but "open immediately" written on them which turn out to be some lame chance to win something.

Wouldn't it be nice if, when you received a piece of direct mail, it contained something you could actually use? Perhaps that's what Crispin Porter + Bogusky were thinking about when they created this legal spoof letter which contains the Covet & Yourminy Taste Confusion Kit - a coupon for a free Coke and free Coke Zero,

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by Steve Hall    Aug-20-07    
Topic: Direct

Free Hand Ads: Paper Media isn't Dying; it's Waiting for You!


A new company called Free Hand Ads proposes putting brand names across the top margin of college-ruled pieces of paper. Paper with ads printed on them are free to students.

Per a quick conversation with the founders at ad:tech Chicago, the idea hasn't been banned or even much frowned-upon by either high schools or students.

So in the last couple years left of paper-shuffling in schools, you might as well get your brand name into the hands of some penny-scrimping students.

And while you're at it, you might as well hit college bluebooks, too.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-10-07    
Topic: Direct

Man Sells Non-Personally Identifiable Information to Marketers on eBay

One could look at this eBay auction promising a marketer complete access to this person's non-personally identifiable information for a 30 day period so as to razor target the marketer's advertising as a joke or one could realize this is exactly what the future holds: people divulging detailed information about themselves and selling it to the highest bidding marketers in return for a promise to view all their advertising.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-18-07    
Topic: Direct, Online, Opinion, Research, Trends and Culture

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