Boy Tugs Skirt-Clad Lands' End Back End. Confusion Ensues


There are so many confusing messages emanating from the cover of this Lands' End catalog, we simply don't know where to start. First, there' the very curvaceous back end of women juxtaposed just beneath the title of the catalog, Lands' End, as if illustrative of some sort of early American west conquest for land but with a tone far removed from that depicted in the Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman movie Far and Away.

Then, there's the young boy tugging on the women's spandex-like skirt with a cute, semi-mischievous look on his face. Is the woman his mother? Is the boy just some random kid grabbing at some random woman's skin tight, bathing suit-like skirt? Is he just doing what all men eventually do, literally or figuratively, when they grow up? Or is this some art director's realized wet dream?

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by Steve Hall    Jun-10-07    
Topic: Creative Commentary, Direct, Strange

Vodafone Manual is Lacking, Kind of Like their Brand Equity


Draft New Zealand justifies this Vodafone campaign like so: "Installing [Vodafone's vodem] is simplicity itself."

Because installation of said product (their wireless broadband modem, tinnily dubbed vodem) is so self-explanatory, the agency deluged potential clients with manuals whose 8 pages are blank except for the front covers.

We love how it takes 8 pages to demonstrate the absence of information.

by Angela Natividad    May-11-07    
Topic: Direct, Mobile/Wireless

Discs Spark Sciolistic Swaggering Swordfighters


We really dig Rethink, Canada's clever means of paper-passing for the 2006 BC Fencing Championships. Instead of boring us all with ads of padded men parrying in masks, the go-getters slid discs onto car antennas to make them look like fencing swords.

That makes us ALL fencers! Now excuse us while we tear our own antennae off and play Inigo-and-six-fingered-man with them.

by Angela Natividad    Apr- 3-07    
Topic: Direct, Good

Bank of America Direct Mail Misleads


No, Bank of America (and all other financial institutions for that matter), my account information is not enclosed in this letter. In case you hadn't read your own mail before sending, what's contained inside this letter is not my bank statement but rather yet another offer for me to consolidate debt, spend more money on a vacation and create even more debt by writing a check against my credit card account to spend frivolously on things I don't want or need.

Perhaps direct mail guru Bob Bly can put my mind to rest. Has it become permissible for the practice to mislead, lie and misinform as standard practice? I never created email that lied and for years I've ignored this idiocy. I can't any longer. It's bad enough Bank of America requires you to have a degree in accounting to figure out how much you actually owe on your overdraft account. Now they want you to go deeper into debt with these idiotic monthly offers. Yes, of course, I ignore all of them but after 24 months of me not responding, you think they'd want to save a stamp or two. Oh wait, direct mailers don't care about the wasted 98 percent of people who ignore their offers.They only care about the two percent that respond. Silly me.

by Steve Hall    Mar-20-07    
Topic: Direct, Worst

Company Answers All Your Email Marketing Questions


If you are involved in email marketing as a brand, as an agency on behalf of a brand, as a list owner or as a provider, you have certainly hit your head against the wall trying to process all the myriad details that go along with the practice; CanSpam issues, deliverability, response rates, affiliate relationships, effect of Subject line, proper frequency, spam filters, competitive activity, offer effectiveness and email design to name a few. A company we've been following for some time but have never written about is Email data Source, a company that answers all these questions. Each time we see a demo, we are amazed at what this thing can do.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 7-07    
Topic: Direct, Good, Online, Opinion

Lynx Offers 100 Percent Off Women's Clothing


You have to love the simplicity of this Lynx promotional email containing the subject line "100% off women's clothing." Upon opening the email, the only this you see is a naked (with the appropriate body parts covered) specimen of female perfection who peers out at you with a look you can only hope to ever see in real life. It's a witty play on words that gives nod to the long-running notion portrayed in past campaigns that wearing Lynx gets you the girl.

by Steve Hall    Dec-22-06    
Topic: Direct, Good, Online, Racy

'Prison Break' Prisoners Spotted in Portugal


To support the launch of Prison Break on the Portuguese FOX channel, Portuguese agency Torke created a guerrilla-style outdoor campaign with a band of chained prisoners walking the streets, posters with images of the show's cast placed behind the bars or windows and fences and small headshot posters and cards placed in shops. Accompanying the campiagn was a press kit a hidden spoon and a prison blueprint. See it all here.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 4-06    
Topic: Direct, Good, Guerilla, Outdoor, Poster, Television

Brochure Offers Dinner, Drinks And...Rear Entry?


Flickr user skonen blades wonders if the last panel in this brochure with the copy, "Join us for...whatever you're in the mood for," is a bit suggestive. He's even gone so far as to provide his own labels for the panels from first to last, "Dinner. Romantic drinks. A night out with friends. Rear entry." Whoops. Rear entry? Hey, we don't write this stuff. We just share it.

by Steve Hall    Nov-27-06    
Topic: Direct, Spoofs, Strange

Evergreen Launches Non-Confrontational Nature Campaign


Non-profit Evergreen begins a campaign that differs from typical tree-hugging orgs in that it's provocative without inspiring the provoked to pour oil onto small mammals.

Here you can decorate suburbs and city streets with nature stickers. This brought out the five-year-old in all of us. And in Toronto they suspended oxygen masks from trees. As a digression, why does it seem like everybody does stuff in Toronto?

The method reminds us of Truth except we didn't feel inspired to light up in a crowded, preferably windowless room - or raze down the next tree we see, for that matter. Nice work. - Contributed by Angela Natividad

by Angela Natividad    Nov- 1-06    
Topic: Direct, Good, Magazine, Outdoor

Models Prance in Habitats for Teen Companies


Oh those Japanese do love to be odd. In a Japanese shopping center models were hired to do the live window display thing (yeah, like the zoo!) to promote teen-targeting brands like Nokia and Apple.

Weird. Probably also really boring, unless there's internet access, which we doubt because then the models would spend less time dancing around and shit. Check out a male version here. - Contributed by Angela Natividad

by Angela Natividad    Nov- 1-06    
Topic: Direct, Strange

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