AdWeek: An Awkward Prologue

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After a 4:00 AM dash through the dark, followed by a five-hour bus ride, followed by an eight-block trek with a Streetwise Manhattan map, I've crossed the threshold of the Paley Center and made it to the Promised Land: Advertising Week 2007 in NYC.

Paley's squeak-shined glass windows have become giant YouTube stations. Beyond the lobby, thoughts about marketing by great men and civilians line the walls. The whole set-up fills my eyes with De Beers quality tears. (This may be less of an emotional reaction than exhaustion resulting from insomnia, and the fact that I haven't eaten.)

Apparently members of the press were only able to pick up their passes yesterday morning. This is disappointing. I call Blake the press pass guy. Blake is warm, pleasant and, in fact, female. "I'll bring you your pass around 1:00," she says.

Bummer. It's 10:00 AM, my first session's at 2:30, and I've still got a gigantic duffel bag with me. In a sea of suits I am the one jean jacket. And I'm sweaty and gross, and did I mention I've got a gigantic duffel bag with me?

I look, quite frankly, like an asshole. It's like a scene from Pretty Woman but 10 times worse.

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by Angela Natividad    Sep-25-07    
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Naughty Facebook Application Becomes Naughty Party Event


Everyone loves cool Facebook applications, right? Especially Naughty Gifts because who really doesn't like sharing naughtiness with their friends? Well,, the company behind Naughty Gifts is porting its little application to meat space in the form of Naughty Parties at which naughtiness will be the central theme.

Natasha Chatilo and Adam Gries are the brains behind Naughty Gifts and wants to tap the avalanche of non-teens joining Facebook. So if you're inclined to take your naughtiness physical, the parties are coming to a city near you: Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston.

by Steve Hall    Sep-24-07    
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Jaslene Gonzalez Watches Unveiling of Her LOT29 Billboard


Last Friday, America's Next Top Model winner Jaslene Gonzalez, along with her adoring fans, witnessed the unveiling of her Times Square billboard for clothing line LOT29. Jaslene's reaction? "Look at my legs! They look great!" Indeed.

The event was also a shoot for an upcoming commercial for the "My Life as a CoverGirl" campaign. Let's see. America's Next Top Model. LOT29. CoverGirl. All in one place. All at one event. Are there really people in marketing who are actually this efficient?

by Steve Hall    Sep-17-07    
Topic: Celebrity, Events, Outdoor

Adam Blogs, TV Guide Gowns, AT&T Mobilizes, Old Folk Socialize


- Aquent is hosting a webcast on September 27th entitled "Getting it all Together: Best Practices in Planning for Coordinated Print and Web Initiatives." which will examine how to make print and online work together better.

- The recently formed Association for Downloadable Media (ADM) will hold its first in-person meeting at the Podcasting & New Media Expo in Ontario, CA. The meeting will be held at 7:30 a.m. PDT on Friday, September 28, 2007 in Ballroom A.

- A new eMarketer report examines the value of social media and whether or not the hype meets with the reality.

- Website uptime monitoring company has gotten cute with its homepage turning it into a modified 404 page.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-12-07    
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Steve: Changing the World, One Music Player at a Time


Hurrah, new browser-sporting wi-fi iPods, and they look just like everybody said they would.

Steve Jobs previewed an ad for the new toy in his keynote yesterday, which you can find if you dodge all the 'Amazing!'s, the bad jokes, and his overextended attempt to make a ringtone out of Aretha Franklin's Respect.

The ad is short and follows the same see-what-my-finger-can-do aesthetic as the iPhone ads. Looking forward to seeing the "official" version.

Also, Apple announced a partnership with Starbucks where you can log onto iTunes for free on a wi-fi-ready Apple unit, and even - get this - buy a song in a Starbucks while it's playing. Cashing in on the impulse has never been easier.

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by Angela Natividad    Sep- 6-07    
Topic: Events, Mobile/Wireless, Trends and Culture

Ypulse Tween Mashup to Hit the East Coast


Because we just couldn't get enough in SF, the Ypulse Tween Mashup is hitting the East Coast this September 28 in NYC.

Speakers include CEO Evan Bailyn of Cartoon Doll Emporium as well as reps from Lego, Cartoon Network, Neopets, and Kidz Bop (the company to blame for children who know all the lyrics to Gnarls Barkley's Crazy).

Register before September 15 to get the early adopter cost. It's definitely worth the trouble - the food and bands in SF were awesome! Oh yeah, and we learned a lot too. ;-)

by Angela Natividad    Sep- 5-07    
Topic: Events

Adrants Heads to The Vineyard, Boogies With 'The Boogies'


Pardon this commercial break while we share with you a a trip we took to Martha's Vineyard last week to check out for a bit, visit old friends, get some sun, eat great food, boat around the island, check out Walter Cronkite's house, marvel at the astounding size house a car dealer (Ernie Boch Jr.) can construct and generally just not work by leaving behind the world of advertising for a couple of days.


Rather than mutilate campaigns and blather on about how Facebook is the new MySpace, we checked out a local band, The Boogies, which played at the island's Outerland club, formerly known as The Hot Tin Roof. The Boogies is one of those bands that has a freakishly dedicated following and whose fans dress up like band members who, themselves, dress - in a way over-the-top fashion - to match the 70's and 80's-style music they cover. All kinds of people show up from 18 to 80. OK, so there weren't many 80 year olds but there was a mix to be sure.


Our group got there early so we had plenty of time to crank with Jager Bomb/Bull Blaster-style drinks served by a pair of waitresses covering the full spectrum of dress from dinner gown to black, tight short shorts. We watched. We talked. We danced. We drank. We took lots of pictures. We checked out people's costumes and we wondered where the hell The Boogies were when we spent two summers on Cape Cod back in the day. We wished we were living on the Cape again.

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by Steve Hall    Sep- 3-07    
Topic: Events

American eagle Attacked by American Vulture Counter Marketing Effort


Continuing its campaign to boycott American Eagle, Unite Here, which claims American Eagle Outfitters fails to enforce its Code of Conduct at one of its Canadian shipping Warehouses has launched a Counter Marketing Contest as part of its American Vulture cause. The contest seeks video submissions from people which comment on, parody or satirize the retailer's current marketing efforts.

It began it's quest in New York's Union Square back in July with rally outside one of the chain's stores with its version of the American Eagle, the American Vulture.

by Steve Hall    Aug-31-07    
Topic: Cause, Consumer Created, Events, Good, Video

AdWeek's Coming! Cast Your Vote for Best Slogan and Icon


Advertising Week -- which we're sponsoring -- fast approaches. With that in mind, the country's top advertising icons and slogans are going to be competing for a spot in the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame.

Dude. This is exciting. Or it should be if you have a soul.

Entrants include the Keebler Elves, The Geico Caveman and Gecko, and McGruff the Crime Dog, which we haven't seen since we were about 8. And slogans in the running include "Got Milk?" and "Just Do It."

"It is every brand's dream that their campaign icon or slogan will take off and become a fixture in American culture," gushes Ron Berger, chairman of Ad Week.

That's, like, really sweet.

If so inclined, cast your vote here. Voting started yesterday and will last until September 25th. Winners are announced the day after.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-29-07    
Topic: Events

Philips Makes Big 3D Wall. Go See It


Probably hoping to cash in on some zombified consumerism a la Target Breezeway, Philips has decided to turn 3D into a marketing tool.

And not just any marketing tool. A "fascinating, high-impact 3D experience," no glasses necessary. That blows the IMAX theatre out of the fucking water!

So if you're into the idea of watching splotchy orange stuff come racing after you, then by all means come be spellbound at the 3D WOWzone, a large 132-inch screen built to blow your mind.

The WOWzone will be making its virgin appearance at the Philips booth in Hall 22 at the IFA 2007, an earth-shattering event that takes place between August 31 and September 5 in Berlin.

This kind of thing always makes us laugh and we're never really sure why.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-29-07    
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