HBO Voyeur Draws Idle Eyes into Dollhouse Worlds

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These spots for HBO Voyeur, developed by Jun Group in tangent with BBDO, made us feel more than a little nervous about what might be going on upstairs.

In this dollhouse menagerie, a family man is having an affair with the girl upstairs. And while we may not see all the details, the security cam does.

Two more here and here.

It's not totally clear what's happening in all of them but that's supposedly part of the fun of being a voyeur (until somebody tries to kill you, like in Hitchcock's Rear Window). The HBO Voyeur site also leads users to, which is essentially a bunch of people on a forum going on and on about how mysterious this all is.

They do have extra bits on the storyline though, which makes things peripherally more interesting.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-25-07    
Topic: Good, Online

Little Guy Pokes Fun At Big Guys' Phone Tree Hell


While it's hardly new for a telecom company to set itself apart from their more impersonal competitors by promising attentive, responsive personalized service, Gyro International has found a fairly (we say fairly because we know one of you wise asses is going to dig up some old campaign that did a similar thing, sling in our face and tell us we suck at providing advertising news) unique, simple and humorous way to do just that for client VCOM Solutions.

Using nothing more than a visual of a telephone keyboard and an annoyingly witty operator voice over, Gyro has delivered a simple message simply. Now whether or not VCOM actually does anything better than the big guys is another story entirely,

by Steve Hall    Jul-24-07    
Topic: Good, Online

H&M Invades the Nearly-Obliviated Sims


Because Second Life is getting too competitive (or not), H&M goes back to where vicarious cyber-living began: the Sims, in a Fashion Stuff Expansion Pack for Sims 2.

We nearly forgot the Sims existed.

Check out H&M Sims trailer. It makes shopping almost as tiresome as it is in real life. Maybe the physical experience would be funner on a runway. Or maybe we're digging too deep and the truth is that all experiences are just funner on coke. Is there coke in Second Life?

by Angela Natividad    Jul-24-07    
Topic: Brands, Online

Blood Bank Draws Blood While You Sit There, Watching


Adverblog drew our eyes to this video for Banc de Sang (the Blood Bank), a Catalunya-based org.

While watching the video we got that tense "dude, what are we waiting for?" feeling, ever aware that the red time bar at bottom was elapsing rapidly. The ending was a nice surprise. Great demonstration of the medium being incorporated into the message.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-24-07    
Topic: Cause, Good, Online

DirecTV Takes Priority Over Machinations of Alien Royalty


On a mission to benignly molest any and all Sci-Fi classics we may have placed on the altars of our souls, DirecTV tears into the scene in Aliens where Ripley fights the alien queen.

In this appropriation she's really peeved because the queen won't leave her in peace to watch her DirecTV.

Nice touch with Sigourney Weaver who, according to Adfreak, joins William Shatner, Pamela Anderson and Charlie Sheen in the annals of DirecTV's illustrious ad history.

Post Kill Bill, Daryl Hannah doesn't seem to be doing much, so who wants to bet a cookie that the next ad is a Bladerunner nab?

by Angela Natividad    Jul-24-07    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials, Online, Television

Nestea Takes on Heat in Street Fighter-Style Combat Game


It's obviously not the real thing, but we're having fun with this new game Heat Fighter, a variation on the classic Street Fighter, created for Nestea by Lowe Roche, Toronto.

Players can be customized and the game has all the basic moves you'd expect in a fighting game, though the challengers (Solar, Cole and Mercury) don't seem super-challenging.

The little Nestea superchargers are a nice touch. We are actually kind of feening for some iced tea now.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-24-07    
Topic: Brands, Games, Good, Online

Boobs, Butts, Bimbos Still the Key to Men 18-34


Once again confirming boobs, butts and bimbos can get the human race (or at least mean) to do anything, Heavy has launched its second annual Massive Mating Game which offers guys the chance to win a day with one of four "hottest girls on Earth" simply by watching their videos and becoming their friends on MyHeavy.

Well, Heavy has certainly cracked the male 18-34 code with this one insuring lots of drool and other fluids will hit keyboards as men slather over these videos trying to decide which of the "hottest girls on Earth" is...well...the hottest. It's so easy a caveman could do it. Oh wait, that one's taken.

by Steve Hall    Jul-23-07    
Topic: Online, Promotions, Racy, Social

Nokia N95 Makes Computers Bite, Scratch and Otherwise Maim Owners


It may not be as cute as the iPhone, but the Nokia N95 - and its ad campaigns - might just be cleverer.

The premise behind is that the N95, which boasts music, GPS, camera, and video cam all in one (okay, really ugly) phone, may spark the jealousy of lesser-seeming technologies - like your laptop, for example. And along with footage of tech gone awry are flight attendant-type videos about protecting yourself from dangerous hardware, as well as camouflage tactics for the N95.

You might want to try the latter, even if you don't have a laptop raring to bite you. (Seriously. Look at it.)

by Angela Natividad    Jul-23-07    
Topic: Brands, Online, Packaging, Promotions, Strange

Rayban's 'Never Hide' Makes Us Do Bad Things


Here's some more would-be viral insanity for Rayban's Never Hide campaign.

This video requires a "don't try this at home" disclaimer. Because we actually did try this (we get very adventurous after our morning martinis), and hours later, we still have water up our noses.

That shit hurts, and it's not as easy as the guys make it seem to get Wayfarers around your head in a bucket of water.

But we're not the type of people who give up, so we had the interns keep trying until they got the process nailed. This is the kind of stuff college just doesn't prepare you for.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-23-07    
Topic: Brands, Online, Video

If You Really Care About Gum, This Site's For You


The fact no one really cares how gum is made or has any interest in exploring the inside of a gum making plant hasn't deterred Stride gum from providing a detailed look into the bowels of their operation. There's game. There's videos. There's witty foolery. There's a battle of the bands. Us? We just like buying our gum at a regular grocery store and really, really don't want to know what nasty chemicals probably goes into the stuff.

by Steve Hall    Jul-20-07    
Topic: Online

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