Reebok Hops, Derek Obeys, Aspirin Sampled


- We're suckers for these hip hoppy Reebok sites. There sems to be a new one every month. Which isn't bad. It keeps us busy and it must keep Zugara busy too.

- Pretty sure we've seen this stunt before but it's always fun to witness someone hand their life over to the whims of the Internet.

- One dude doesn't like DDB placing Excedrin aspirin samples on his coffee cup in the AM. We don't mind since the only reason we go buy coffee is to jump start us out of our drunken stupor long enough to bitch about advertising before we return to our drunken stupor.

- If you like weird old vintage ads, there's a collection of them here for you.

by Steve Hall    Aug-18-06    
Topic: Online

Cure Cancer, Create Your Own Cock


As a follow up to the testicular cancer-focused Notice Your Nuts, the humorously-named London agency Poke London has created another fun little time-waster called Cock-A-Doodle. As the name implies, it does have to to with cocks. Short ones, fat ones, long ones, soft ones, hard ones, hairy ones and one's you can create all by yourself. And yes, it all somehow has do do with helping to end male cancer.

by Steve Hall    Aug-17-06    
Topic: Good, Online, Strange

Bazooka Turns On the Cheese


OK. Think Mentos. Think Doublemint Twins. Think Mr. Charmin. OK. Got it? In the right mood? Now you're ready to view this new cheese-fest campaign from Duval Guillaume celebrating the return of Bazooka Bubble Gum. It comes complete with TV commercials (which you can see on the website), a music video by Brooklyn-based music group Tha Heights, a website, online, events and viral marketing. The campaign centers on the song, originally called "Choo'n Gum" recored by Teresa Brewster in the fifties, which has, for years, been popular with summer camp girls who changed the lyrics to "Bazooka-Bazooka Bubblegum." Since we never went to a girls summer camp - other than to sneak in once to visit that cute girl we wished we'd had the nerve to ask out when camp was over - we've never heard the original song and we have no idea how cool or uncool it was and, well, is. Any camper girls out there? Let us know.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-17-06    
Topic: Campaigns, Creative Commentary, Good, Online, Television

McD's Hummered, Textbooks Commercialized, Old Men Blog


- The Environmental Working Group is taunting McDonald's Toy Hummer Giveaway with a site that protests the promotion.

- Freeload Press has come to the aid of college students and will publish over 100 ad-supported text books free of charge.

- Ariel thinks "old men" can't get it up which is why they "erect blogs instead." Hmm.

- Here's yet another one of those anti-cute spots for the Dodge Caliber. This one features cute cuddly things not quite displaying a lot of attraction for the vehicle.

- Production company Indelible has completed some work for Mac lips gloss in which Sandra Bernhard goes on and on and one and..well...on about her lips.

by Steve Hall    Aug-16-06    
Topic: Commercials, Online, Publishing, Weblogs

Dear Casale Media: Stop Serving Pop Unders


Dear Casale Media,

Please stop serving insanity-inducing, seizure-causing pop unders. Please stop usurping people's decision to block pops by circumventing their browser's pop blocking mechanisms. Please stop foisting crap on us like a pointless Coke versus Pepsi taste test. And Coke, Pepsi, do you really want your brand portrayed in an ad unit that is more maligned than a telemarketer call? Casale, you are huge. You have the biggest booth at every ad:tech show. Surely you have revenue streams other than those that cause people to want to convert themselves into digital 1's and 0's, climb inside their computers, travel through the Internet until they find your ad servers and kick the shit out of them until the words "pop under" and "pop up" are now longer in their vocabulary.

by Steve Hall    Aug-16-06    
Topic: Online, Worst

Oil Sucks, Wind Blows, Video Contests Are Fun


Using an online video creation widget they developed which will allow agencies to easily create online video contests, Invoke has launched an online video contest of their own. Called Wind Blows, the contest offers $10,000 to the person who creates the best video for Western Wind Energy, a proponent of wind power. They've put up an admittedly cheesy initial video as an example but we all know you creative types out there can do better. Want $10,000? Check out this contest. And be nice to us for telling you about it and stick our logo in your video somewhere.

by Steve Hall    Aug-16-06    
Topic: Good, Online, Promotions, Video

YoungGuns Cures Tired Creatives In Preparation For Award Show


The YoungGuns International Advertising Awards group is up to their insightful foolery again to promote the organization's upcoming award show. The site offers creatives who worked themselves to the bone with a multitude of tests and therapies such as a downloadable phlegm test, a Haemorrhoids chart and information on ulcers. There's a nurse to help creatives thourgh the process and there even...who knew...a call for entries form in their too. Witty.

by Steve Hall    Aug-11-06    
Topic: Good, Industry Events, Online

We Apologize In Advance For This Story


A promise was made never again to write about a million dollar homepage but when Jim Kukral sent us his version, it had just the right amount of whack job appeal, we felt we couldn't pass. You, of course, can call us names and send us spam for wasting your time with this if you want. Anyway, here's the deal. Pay Jim and his partner one dollar and you get a domain name "(fill this in).isreally Yea, yea, it's dumb but hundreds of people are parting with one dollar bills to buy URLs like, and

OK, feel free to lob all manner of "meh," "yawn" and "you just wasted three minutes of my life" in Comments.

by Steve Hall    Aug-10-06    
Topic: Online

Send Smack Talk With ESPN Fantasy Football Smack Cards


To promote ESPN's Fantasy Football and to smack down Yahoo and CBS Sportsline, Boston's Arnold has created ESPN Fantasy Smack Cards which you can use to send your friends some smack talk. Who knows if it'll do anything for ESPN but it sure will be therapeutic for some who need to get their aggressions out.

by Steve Hall    Aug-10-06    
Topic: Good, Online, Viral

9/11-Like UK Bomb Plot Thwarted, 9/11 Oliver Stone Movie Promoted


While we don't know for certain if this ad was served using contextual technology, Animal's Bucky Turco informs us of an odd ad placement for the upcoming Oliver Stone movie, World Trade Center. It appeared smack in the middle of a Yahoo story about the thwarting of a major UK aircraft bomb plot. Not to belittle the freakishly horrific nightmare this could have become, we still feel it's our duty to point out contextual fuckery at its finest.

by Steve Hall    Aug-10-06    
Topic: Bad, Online, Strange

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