Deck the Halls of Albuquerque with Bows of Billboard Messages


Who said consumer-generated media was dead? Not this holiday season. Esparza Adverting partnered with Clear Channel Outdoor to create DeckThe allows users to create their own personal holiday message that will be posted on 21 billboards all over the city of Albuquerque on December 25th.

Live in Albuquerque? Feeling creative? Head over to Deck the Billboard and whip up a piece of creativity.

by Steve Hall    Dec-17-10    
Topic: Consumer Created, Outdoor

Grandma's Boobs Cause Trouble For New Zealand Airline


A billboard in the South Island city of Nelson for Air New Zealand's grabaseat with the headline, "Fares lower than your grandma's boobs" has raised the ire of a few and has been accused of being ageist, sexist and disrespectful to women.

Family First and Stop Demand Foundation both condemned the billboard and have asked that the billboard be taken down. In an email to Air New Zealand, Stop Demand Foundation Founder Denise Ritchie wrote, "Yes, most of us like 'edgy and provocative'. Most of us don't like, or accept, 'sexist and ageist'. Most of us know the difference. Apparently you do not,"

The billboard was created as part of a contest. Grabaseat Manager Duane Perrot said of the campaign, "What this person [the ad's creator] thought was funny, as did many others, clearly didn't resonate with some individuals today and Grabaseat will be removing the billboard shortly. We apologize if any offense was caused."

by Steve Hall    Dec-17-10    
Topic: Outdoor

Bruce Willis to Front Russian Bank's Ad Campaign


Bruce Willis has signed a year-long deal with Trust Bank and will front the financial institution's ad campaign for the next year. Messaging will include the headline, "Trust is just like me, but a bank." How did Willis get the gig? Well, the previous frontman for the bank, weight-lifter Vladimir Turchinsky, unexpectedly died at the young age of 46. ANd the bank called WIllis.

Billboards carrying Willis' image will be placed in 170 cities across the country. Promotional and online efforts will be part of the campaign as well.

by Steve Hall    Nov-24-10    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity, Online, Outdoor, Point of Purchase

Beckinsale, Deschanel, Larter Drop, Twist and Bleed For Absolut


Continuing its Drinks campaign for Absolut, TBWZ\Chiat\Day New York is out with a bus shelter installation campaign crafted by photographers Ellen Von Unwerth and Amanda De Cadenet which features Kate Beckinsale, Zooey Deschanel & Ali Larter. The campaign touts Absolut's Lemon Drop, Twist and Bloody drinks.

If you have to wait for the bus, you might as well have a nice looking place to sit. The campaign offers that to commuters in Chicago. See the other two ads here and here.

by Steve Hall    Nov-15-10    
Topic: Celebrity, Outdoor

Zombies and Hotties Dominate Week's Top Stories


Here's a collection of some of the top stories you may have missed this week on Adrants.

1. Tehmeena Afzal Lends Her Giants to the New York Giants
2. Skinny Kelly Osbourne Painted 'Goldfinger' Gold For Sky+HD
3. Sears Creates Zombie Department For Halloween
4. Zombies Take Over Major Cities to Promote AMC's Walking Dead
5. Dwyane Wade Becomes James Bond for Jordan Brand
6. Absolut Crushes Tropicana Las Vegas
7. SEO Company Wants Three Way With Adrants
8. Domino's Really Does Use Natural Ingredients. Honest.
9. Maria Lawson Lends Prodigious Cleavage to Miss Fit
10. Schmedlines Collects New Taglines For Chevy


by Steve Hall    Oct-29-10    
Topic: Celebrity, Outdoor, Racy

Absolut Crushes Tropicana Las Vegas


A new building wrap has appeared on the Tropicana in Las Vegas. The wrap is part of Absolut's ongoing campaign from TBWA and promotes, among others, the Absolut Crush, a drink made with Absolut Mandrin. Shot by Ellen Von Unwerth, the ad features Kate Beckinsale.

And if you want to see what the new Tropicana looks like on the inside, check out this video of our recent stay.

by Steve Hall    Oct-25-10    
Topic: Outdoor

Eva Longoria Billboards Attack Moroccan Sensitivities


In a lengthy and thoughtful piece on, Nora Fitzgerald takes a look at a real estate billboard campaign featuring Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria and, what some consider, too much of her cleavage. Now aside from the fact Longoria really doesn't have cleavage, Moroccans consider that area of the body private and not for public viewing. Certainly not on ten billboards, one after another alongside a country road.

Finding the boards offensive, someone spray painted over Longoria's "cleavage." Then, apparently getting the message, the advertiser revised the creative to show less cleavage. That wasn't good enough for the detractors who further defaced the boards by ripping the paper off.

Apparently, the war between advertiser and billboard bandit has been going on for some time.

by Steve Hall    Oct-21-10    
Topic: Outdoor

Bank Offers Free Book, Game Downloads to Air Travelers


Possibly treading on the likes of Hudson, Denver-based FirstBank is out with a Diorama campaign in the Denver International Airport which offers travelers free books, crossword puzzles and Sudoku via a QR code which leads to a download. About 7,000 classics and puzzles will be given out during the TDA Advertising & Design-created campaign.

Based on the first week's results, the most popular books, in order, are Sun Tzu's The Art of War, Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Jack London's The Call of the Wild, and James Fenimore Cooper's The Last of the Mohicans. Least popular are Walden, Emma, and, at 8 downloads, Don Quixote.

by Steve Hall    Oct-20-10    
Topic: Outdoor, Poster

Axe Taunts Old Spice For Horse Fixation


We are a jealous bunch. We just can''t stand it when we see another succeed. So what do we do when someone steals out limelight? We make fun of them, of course. And that's exactly what Axe is doing to Old Spice right now with a new billboard campaign in Canada.

With the headline, "For men who'd rather be with a woman than on a horse," the campaign actually makes a but of sense. Because unless you're into bestiality, we think a woman is much more desirable than a horse.

by Steve Hall    Oct-19-10    
Topic: Outdoor

Chrysler (Briefly) Flies World's Largest Banner


Last Friday morning around 7:15AM, in preparation for a later flight over the Texas State Fair, a helicopter lifted a 53,000-square foot (about the size of a football field) banner above the Dallas Executive Airport. The banner was part of a promotion for Chrysler's Dodge Ram pick up truck.

While video shows the banner leaving the ground completely granting, one assumes, Chrysler the victorious achievement of having flown the world's largest aerial banner, the helicopter pilot quickly dumped the banner from fear the banner would endanger the aircraft or it simply snapped free and fell (reports conflict).

A Chrysler rep is reported to have said the record would be broken as soon as the banner left the ground which, according to the video, it did. The record was previously held by the United Arab Emerites when a 50,000-square foot banner was flown over Abu Dhabi.

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-10    
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