Chivas Regal Turns Fountains Green in Bucharest


In Bucharest, Romania, Chivas Regal has turned the city's fountains green and red in an ambient stunt one observer noted could very likely be mistaken for a Sony Bravia event as there was no obvious branding to clarify Chivas was behind the stunt. Still, an eye catching move.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 3-07    
Topic: Guerilla, Outdoor

Giant Smiling Asses to Attack Times Square


On July 1, giant, naked asses with smiles on them will emblazon a two-story, three-sided bollboard in New York's Times Square for toilet maker Toto Washlet. It's all to promote the company's miraculous toilet, bidet and ass blow dryer contraption. Apparenly Europe loves this sort of ass treatment while Americans opt for the more simplistic dump and wipe. Toto hopes to change that mindset with this campaign. Whatever the outcome, giant asses in times Square will be a joy to behold.

by Steve Hall    Jun-25-07    
Topic: Good, Outdoor

Famous 'Die Hard' Line...Well, Part of It...Emblazons Buss Sides


Recently, Entertainment Weekly anointed Bruce Willis' Die Hard the best action movie of all time. It's 19 years later and the man is again returning to the role of John McClane for a fourth time. To promote the movie, buses have been plastered with large posters - images of which sent to us by Adrants reader Dario Meli - that read "Yippe Ki Yay Mo" with half of the "o" cut off in a nod to the famous line in the movie which opens June 27.

The few who haven't seen the movie might react with the poster-worthy response, "What the Fu"

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-07    
Topic: Good, Outdoor

Radio Billboard Uses Britney Spears' Shaved Head, Lawyers Not Amused


Yet another idiotic morning radio team has been chastised by lawyers for their mindless attempt at humor. While it's all kind of fun to crap all over Britney Spears and her recent head shaving event, Spears' lawyers are not amused by Clear Channel Communications' use of Britney's image for Florida station WFLZ. Her crazed head shaved image appears next to WFLZ morning show host Todd Schnitt under the headlines "Total Nut Jobs," "Shock Therapy" and "Certifiable." A letter was sent to Clear Channel from Spears' legal team, Lavely & Singer demanding the removal of the boards or a law suit may follow.

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-07    
Topic: Celebrity, Outdoor, Radio

Hidden Violence and Abuse Hidden in New Anti-Abuse Campaign


An ongoing campaign from abuse and violence cause group Safe Horizon is illustrating most abuse is hidden from view with ads that hide their messages in a jumble of letters. While the notion of making an ad harder to read could be questioned, the concept, which incorporates the twisted words Disrespected, Abuse, Humiliated, Punched, Kicked, Slapped, and Insulted, aligns nicely with the difficulty of the issue.

The pro-bono campaign, which can be viewed within two PDFs here and here, was created by creative team Rachel Howald and Ahmer Kalam from Howald & Kalam, LLC and will appear in various outdoor media in New York City, daily newspapers and nationally in magazines such as Essence, Redbook and People en Espanol.

by Steve Hall    Jun-17-07    
Topic: Campaigns, Good, Magazine, Outdoor

Patron Can Be Epic in as Few as Two Blinks

Patron 1.jpg

Sometimes a return to basics can be as glamorous as when they first appeared. Consider what an event it was to see Gone with the Wind in the theatres, way back when. Consider what an event it could still be.

To be fair, Patron isn't an epic love story. But rightfully, it leaves epic tales to Smirnoff and dazzles us old-school, in Hollywood of all places, with this star-lit changing billboard.

First part at left, second part here.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-14-07    
Topic: Brands, Good, Outdoor

Silver Surfer Makes Waves in the Underground


20th Century Fox is using this Silver Surfer trailer to entice roving eyes on the commute between Jersey and Manhattan on the PATH line. It's slated to run the entire month of June.

This is a really interesting idea. Submedia has a patented tunnel system that turns static images into moving pictures right outside a train's window. Beats staring at the LavaLife ads slathered all over the Bay Area's BART train interiors.

We actually want to watch Silver Surfer now, even though we've been burned one time too many by superhero films that, far from authentically adapting a comic book concept, really just suck the love out of nostalgic fans.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-14-07    
Topic: Good, Outdoor, Promotions

'Transformers' Budget Depleted, Studio Resorts to Stickers


Defamer notes Dreamworks has had to scale back its marketing budget following the millions it's spent on building wraps and customized Lamborghini-bots to the point where the only thing it can afford are a few stickers placed on a random vehicle seen in a Burbank Staples parking lot.

by Steve Hall    Jun-12-07    
Topic: Guerilla, Outdoor

Adrants Isn't the Only Place to Find Typos


While we (perfect speller Angela excluded) have absolutely no business pointing out other's typos when you can find plenty of them right here on the pages of Adrants, what fun would it be if we couldn't all poke fun at big boy Reebok for producing a subway card with the word "everything" spelled "eveything"? And besides, Copyranter brought it up first. We're just sharing.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 7-07    
Topic: Bad, Outdoor, Poster

Hygiene Cops Shine Spotlight on Germ-Ridden '5th Guy'


Following the premise that one in five loo visitors don't wash their hands, the Florida Department of Health invites you to Talk to the 5th Guy. (Why you'd want to, knowing what you now know about him, is anybody's guess.)

The campaign, hoping to convict 5th guys far and wide, includes TV and outdoor spots that berate germy behavior and suggest clean new habits.

We're just wondering to ourselves how much more sanitary it is to admonish people to wipe their sneeze snot on their arms. Maybe it's only hands (and the occasional salacious employee cheek-lick) that pass germs.

by Angela Natividad    Jun- 6-07    
Topic: Cause, Outdoor, Television

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