Mortgage Billboard Illustrates What A Mortgage Provides


This billboard for mortgage company in Turkey has created a billboard that resembles a house. We'd call it quite a bit more interesting than your standard "Call East/West Mortgage for the lowest rates in town!" approach.

by Steve Hall    Apr-21-06    
Topic: Good, Outdoor

Outdoor Advertising Stupidity Continues


Once again, Bucky Turco finds laziness in advertising. It appears outdoor companies are unable to or unwilling to provide even the lest bit of common sense when it comes to competitive ad placement. First, Viacom placed two vodka ads next to each other. Next, two beer brands appear next to each other on buses. And now, Van Wagner has two airlines right next to each other. Hello? Media buyers? Sales reps? Do you care what happens after you send/receive the IO?

by Steve Hall    Apr-17-06    
Topic: Bad, Outdoor

Magnetic Paper Promoted In Roundabout Manner


Chicago Agency Hadrian's Wall has created an interesting campaign for its client Magnecote paper. Rather than simply advertise the product to its target, agency creatives and production people who can use the stuff to make magnetic posters, Hadrian's Wall took a different approach. They chose a public service cause, World Bicycle Relief, enlisted seven other agencies to create PSAs for WBR. Magnecote agreed to produce the campaign, WBT agreed to run it, the campaign had to use Magnecote paper and each campaign would be voted upon by the public. Now isn't that a whole lot more interesting that just placing a few boring ads in Creativity for a product as boring as magnetic paper?

by Steve Hall    Apr-11-06    
Topic: Agencies, Campaigns, Good, Outdoor, Specialty

Heineken Light Succumbs to Questionable Headline


Copyranter breaks down a recent Heineken Light outdoor panel which includes the healine, "Succumb to Smooth writing, "Succumb to Smooth? SUCK. CUM. 2 (number of sperm-producing testicles most men have). SMOOTH(IE) [slang for Blowjob]." Apparently, the copywriters didn't go through this excerise in analytics prior to presenting to the client. Unless, of course, they did and they're laughing right now as they read this.

by Steve Hall    Apr-11-06    
Topic: Outdoor

IKEA Pods Promote Store Opening


Advertising For Peanuts points to a campaign for IKEA which consists of 14 outdoor mini-stores placed along streets to promote the opening of the Funabashi store in Japan. We wonder how many people crawled into the things and adopted them as their temporary home.

by Steve Hall    Apr-10-06    
Topic: Good, Outdoor

Sexy Billboard Called 'Sexist Shite'


It seems somebody has taken offense to the imagery of beautiful, barely dressed women used in ads to promote products and has expressed him/herself calling this billboard "sexist shite."

by Steve Hall    Apr-10-06    
Topic: Outdoor

Heineken Sends Us Beer, Launches Campaign


The other day, we received our very own, specially packaged bottle of Heineken Premium Light. We promptly did our job by taking a few pictures of the packaging to share with you and then placed the bottle in the fridge for future enjoyment. Well, that future came and we can tell you we liked what came out of that bottle.

In terms of promotion, Heineken Premium Light is getting $50 million thrown at it in the form of a national marketing campaign with simple layouts of a Heineken Premium Light bottle and taglines such as "Succumb to Smooth." There's also an out-of-home component to support the wider distribution of the beer and national television advertising kicks off on April 17.

by Steve Hall    Apr-10-06    
Topic: Good, Outdoor, Promotions, Television

Birth Control Pill Promoted With Trashcan Babies


We've all heard the horror stories of young girls or women, overwhelmed by the thought of giving birth, who've chosen, instead, to dump their baby in the nearest bathroom stall or trashcan. Drug company Schering has co-opted the horror and turned it into an ad campaign for its birth control pill. The ad is an outdoor installation in the form of trashcans - placed near universities in Bankok - with motion sensors that, upon sensing the motion of a passerby, deliver the sound of a baby crying. Once the top of the trashcan is opened, the passerby is presented with Schering's message. OgilvyOne did the work. Hmm. We're not sure whether to say, "Damn, that's great advertising" or "That's disgusting. What the hell were you thinking?" See additional images here.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 7-06    
Topic: Good, Outdoor

GE Takes Over Times Square On World Health Day


This Friday, April 7, which is World Health Day, GE is taking over Times Square and will simultaneously broadcast on seven digital billboards including The Reuters Sign at 3 Times Square, NASDAQ, ABC, NBC, MTV, Yahoo and the Toys"R"Us Times Square GeoffreyTron LED. GE plans to expand the digital billboard "take overs" to London and Paris in the future.

The Times Square promotion is part of GE's new Healthcare Re-Imagined campaign which highlights the company's role in healthcare. As part of the campaign, GE is running TV, print and online advertisements and the Picture a Healthy World web site () that invites visitors to contribute photos and stories describing what they do to stay healthy. GE will broadcast the submitted images onto the digital billboards in Times Square on April 7 as well as live photos taken in a special photo studio set up on Military Island in the middle of the Square.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 6-06    
Topic: Outdoor

Mattress Company Sells to People Who Don't Sleep


Bucky Turco, roving recorder of all things New York, found this marvelous marketing misalignment. If you're going to co-op the New York City-ism "The City That Never Sleeps," in your advertising, you really shouldn't be a mattress company.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 3-06    
Topic: Bad, Outdoor, Strange

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