LeTigre Rips Back Off LaCoste


American-based LeTigre, makers of those preppy Tiger-emblazoned shirts is having fun with a street poster campaign which shows a tiger ripping into the back on an alligator (crocodile for detail freaks), icon of French-based LaCoste, another pretty shirt brand. It seems both these brands are making a comeback but neither will ever achieve the popularity both had back in the 80's which you can now marvel at by watching FOX's Reunion - at leasts for a few episodes as each episode moves ahead one year.

by Steve Hall    Sep-16-05    
Topic: Brands, Outdoor, Poster

Sharapova Mobile Billboard Supports Canon Wall Postings


OK, then. So that's how those tennis balls got embedded in the brick wall we saw a few days ago. The tennis star is driving around on a mobile billboard, ready to attack the next, unadorned wall with a rapid fire collection of tennis balls.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-05    
Topic: Celebrity, Outdoor

Bangkok Subways Slathered With iPods


This absolutely beautiful iPod wrap on several Bangkok Mass Transit System subway cars makes one wonder why we don't see more of this kind of advertising in the states. Of course, there are only a few advertisers who could be trusted to create artwork that wouldn't end up looking crass and cause the urger to puke while riding to work but America's subway could sure use a little beautification.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-05    
Topic: Outdoor

Viacom Outdoor Plays Joke On McDonald's


Either a serious case of spiteful humor overcame the Viacom posting crew or human stupidity, as it so often does, reared its uneducated head with this odd placement of a McDonald's billboard directly beneath a childhood obesity billboard. All we say is thank God for the proliferation of digital cameras so we can revel in the oddities and wonders of advertising.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-05    
Topic: Outdoor

Outdoor Campaign Teases


We know sex and advertising are great bed partners but add teasing into the mix and you've really got everyone's attention. Here's an out door campaign running in Chennai, India which, on one board has an image of a sultry looking female next to the headline, "I did it once a week, now I do it almost every day!" and on another has an image of an innocent, eager looking woman next to the headline, "I was anxious to start with, now I can't wait to do it." Some sort of pro-sex campaign? Of course not you dirty little ones. It's a campaign promoting a 30 minute Xpress work out at health club chain, Fitness One. Other images here and here.

by Steve Hall    Sep-14-05    
Topic: Outdoor

Virgin Express Places World's Longest Billboard


Adland reports Virgin Express has, at 1,100 meters, has placed the world's longest billboard. It stretches from Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche to the Zoologischer Garten. Adland says the copy reads, "you can fly from Berlin to Brussels as from 41 Euros." 660 miles. Just how long did it take to erect that thing?

by Steve Hall    Sep-13-05    
Topic: Outdoor

Worker Falls Off Mini Billboard


While everyone's bitching about Crispin Porter + Bogusky taking on VW and dumpimg Mini, Random Observations points to a billboard for Mini at the entrance of the Hollan tunnel that's quite good. Granted, it's the agencies last work for the client but the board, which shows a 3D image of a worker, apparently, falling off billboard scaffolding and into the Mini does grab attention.

by Steve Hall    Sep-12-05    
Topic: Outdoor

Target Car Squad Hits Quincy Market


Those little Target-branded cars have been making their rounds. This past weekend they were spotted at Boston's Quincy Market. The tiny, little cars are emblazoned with the "target" and roam the country in search of ogling consumers.

by Steve Hall    Sep-12-05    
Topic: Guerilla, Outdoor, Promotions

Models Nipples Oddly Erect on Transit Poster


While we're quite sure this wasn't planned, this advertiser might want to consider asking the transit company to reposition its bus poster a bit lest the advertiser be accused of overexciting its models during photo shoots.

by Steve Hall    Sep-12-05    
Topic: Outdoor

AutoTrader's Dirty Bitches Offend


John Brock points us to a billboard for AutoTrader in Auckland that was pulled. It seems several had a problem with the copy which read, "We've Got Rides For Dirty Bitches." Without seeing the accompanying image of two dogs (commonly referred to as bitches in Auckland) looking out the window, one might understand how it might offend but no. The whole thing's been depicted as some kind of woman-bashing campaign and the Advertising Standards Authority has requested the billboard be taken down. AutoTrader has complied with the request.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 9-05    
Topic: Outdoor

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