Woman Gives Birth To Drug-free Teen Without Drugs.

8 lbs. hurts from what I've been told. Full-size teen though? Yikes. Wondering what she's on because hardly a scream is heard in this drugfree.org spot after the jump from Martin Williams. Oh, and if slimy teens aren't your thing, try the print. It's much cleaner and safer! Sokay, apparently either there's an outbreak of SWSM (single white soccer moms) or only white suburban moms can keep a child off drugs. That shit takes two parents, planners. It takes two.

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by Bill Green    Apr-22-09    

Peter Murphy Channels John Lennon For Chase Bank.

Hmmm. I would gone with "Cuts You Up" and had someone destroying their credit cards. BUT THAT'S ME. Okay, besides the fact that Lennon and Los Beatles had generally been off-limits for years, or that Peter Murphy was Marilyn Manson sans make-up and obnoxiousity long before Marilyn was, let's take a look behind the scenes at the creative brief for this mcgarrybowen effort:

"Chase's objective was simple--they wanted people to know: we're Chase, we're a bank and we're in California. With WaMu being such a toxic brand--the largest bank failure in history--and with the country (especially California) hit hard with the recession, Chase also wanted the spot [after the jump] to provide people with a little hope and convey the dawn of a new day."

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by Bill Green    Apr-21-09    
Topic: Television

Calling All Illegal Canadians.

You may just be Canadian and not even know it. Americans must be sneaking into Canada and blending in at such a rate if they needed this spot. Well, if you're one of the sneakers, you're now legal, no matter where you came from. Check out more info at about dual Canadian Amnesty at their website. Although I would've thrown in some Rush instead of the C&W music. How long now before we get spots here for immigrants converting into Americans. (Not every Canadian among us is honest about like William Shatner. Hard to tell them apart. The guy pumping your gas? Could be from Ontario.)
by Bill Green    Apr-21-09    
Topic: Political, Television

Never Date Outside the Division.

New series of spots out by Mullen for the Bruins. A bear mascot throwing down never gets old. Never. Maybe you were stupid and tucked your jersey in. Bad move. Or perhaps you're a fan who talks too much on their cell. Another bad move.
by Bill Green    Apr-21-09    
Topic: Television

It's Metter To Bix Things Up.

Innit? From BBH and Gorgeous in the UK comes a nice little twist on a beverage spot for J20 below. Hey, don't hate. They don't all have to be home runs; getting on base is okay sometimes too. (Geesh. It's like you people always want epic Guinness domino action or something.)

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by Bill Green    Apr-20-09    
Topic: Television

Trojan Stimulates Your Economy.

When the going gets tough, the tough get the Bonus Pack. In times like these, it's good to know Trojan is right there behind you with a stimulus package you can count on. (Yes, the spot below actually ran. HARD to believe.) I smell a new series though. Because we're in a global economic crisis, they can just swap out the American flag and voiceover in favor of flags and animals for other countries: Venezuela and the Turpial, Greece and a dolphin, or The Bahamas and an Orca. Wait, okay, how can an island chain the size of a garage in Texas have a whale while we get a bird.

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by Bill Green    Apr-20-09    
Topic: Television

Another One of Those 'Green is the New Black!!!1' Things.


There's a lot you can say about becoming more eco-conscious: that it's responsible, forward-thinking and personally/socially fulfilling, for example.

But in a spot called "Good Green," the Sundance Channel takes the go-green hype and staples on a passel of adjectives that ring both hollow and wince-worthy: sexy, trippy, fierce.

Confusingly, there's also a shot of Isabella Rossellini flirtatiously hugging a giant lobster.

WOW. Thanks for all the abstraction, BIGSMACKtv. We're definitely feeling the backhand.

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by Angela Natividad    Apr-17-09    
Topic: Commercials, Promotions, Strange, Television

Mastercard Trots Priceless 'Icons' Back onto the Stage


"Icons," a McCann-Erickson/NY spot that aired during the '05 Super Bowl, is a fond standby of Mastercard's "Priceless" campaign.

Prep for serious warm-fuzzy syndrome: it's composed of brand mascots -- Count Chocula, the Vlasic stork, Jolly Green Giant, Pillsbury Doughboy -- having Soul Food-style dinner as Mr. Clean slaves merrily over the sink. Some of the icons weren't even animated for TV prior to this. (Thank Calabash for bringing them to life.)

Too much good stuff. There's even some illicit Facebooky pokeage between Doughboy and Morton Salt girl. Scandale!

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Post Concedes to Putting the 'No' in 'Innovation'


Post Shredded Wheat, that most generic of cereals, did itself a favor and passed on that most generic of cereal commercials: a shot of mom, dad and the happy kids, pouring cascades of milk onto yielding gobs of grain.

Instead it went for another gimmick: Formidable Authority Figure, touting the dangers of progress.

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by Angela Natividad    Apr-17-09    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Commercials, Television

Because Watching Kids Cry Just Never Gets Old


Your tax dollars at work. Hey, pushing a kid to emotional breaking-point is small potatoes compared to all that guilt equity! the New York State Health Department will raise among smokers for the 5.5 minutes they could be spending with a cancer stick.

Contemplate the moral dilemma with fellow creatives-in-arms, and then ask yourself, just ask -- are a few seconds of anxiety worth it? It's not like smokers don't know about the health consequences, or that their priorities are mildly screwed up (I always feel a little guilty lighting up in front of tots); does one sappy spot a quitter make?

This emo thinkpiece brought to you by Quit Victoria.

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by Angela Natividad    Apr-16-09    
Topic: Cause, Commercials, Television

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