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A Little Patience Gets You My Whole Body


Sometimes when I look in the mirror and I see that my boobs are getting too big for my tops, I always wonder if that makes me look sexy or slutty. I guess it must be kinda slutty to not be properly covered but then I think, My Body Is Like Whoa, and I figure, fuck it, I'm gonna just show it off. That works fine until all those fuckin' 14 year old boys at the beach start pointing and laughing and getting red in the face and stickin' all out under their shorts while they yell to each other, "Oh fuck, she is so hot!" It's just annoying. I mean shit. Don't they have anything better to do that stare at me? I fuckin' hate it!

And what is it with boys anyway? They get with me on a date or something and they're like a fucking jack hammer that runs out of power after like two seconds! I mean I can't even lay down before they've messed themselves all over. It's gross! I mean, hello??!! I kinda wanna cum too you shit! Just cause I'm hot doesn't mean you can just get your dick off all over me. A little control, dude! Fuck.

It's like I have to masturbate all the time because these fucks don't know how to take care of me. It's not that hard. I mean some fingers sliding up and down my waist might be nice. Some kisses on my neck. And my lips. Dude, I have lips! Hello?? A little kissing would be nice before you dry fuck me in your pants and roll off like some fat shit that eats Doritos all day. Oh, and I have breasts too! You've heard of them, right? They're these big soft things hanging from my chest. A little attention there might be nice. Maybe your tongue sliding gently around the nipples. I mean don't you read about this stuff all the time? Have you heard of foreplay??

And then there's my legs. Yea, girls have legs, They aren't just a hole for you to squirt into, ya know! I like to be touch edon my inner thighs. I like a guy to slide his fingers up until he's almost there and them slide them back. Do that a few times and I will be ready to explode for you! I swear. It doesn't take much. Just control your dick for a few minutes and then you will so appreciate my body that is so like whoa.

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