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I'm Not Just A Pair of Boobs


The whole time I was posed like this the photographer kept asking me to move my hand aways from my breasts but I told him no, I wouldn't do it. He knew I was not contracted to do nude but he kept bugging me. Both of us knew my boobs would fall into the pool if I took my hand away but that wasn't stopping him. He's the only photographer I've worked with in a long time that got physically and noticeable excited during the shoot. I mean I know My Body Is Like Whoa but a professional shouldn't get aroused during a shoot. It's just wrong and it made me feel really dirty. I don't do nude and I don't do porn and he should have known that.

Yea, I know my boobs are huge and guys like that...even if they are professional photographer but it just really made me angry. I thought about complaining to my agent but I felt bad for the guy. Even though he was kinda weird about it and way more excited than he should have been, I could understand it I guess. every other guy gets weird around me so I guess it was normal in a weird way for him to get like that.

I just hope guys like the pictures. Sometimes I don't think I'm as nice looking as a lot of other models but my agent keeps calling so I guess there's people out there that like to look at me. I just hope it's not just because of my boobs. They always want the cleavage shot and it seems like that's all they care about but I can't believe guys only care about boobs. They're just a stupid body part. Besides, they can be a pain in the ass a lot of the time too cause they're heavy and they bounce and it's hard to find tops that fit right. I shouldn't complain though. They make me a lot of money! I just did a recent photoshoot here.

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