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Focus on the Crab, Not the Boobs


No. Not my boobs, silly. The crab. Or whatever this thing is. See? I just found it in the sand. I wanna put a pic of it on Flickr so take a good one. Dude, the crab, not the boobs OK! See? The thing in my hands? OK, yes, it is a lot smaller than my boobs but come on, just for a second can you just stop thinking about my boobs? Yes, they're 34D. I've told you that a million fuckin' times so stop asking! The crab, dude. OK, yes, yes. Alright. My Body is Like Whoa but can we get to the fuckin's crab now??? Thanks. Good. Ya wanna have sex now? Wait! Wait! Not right on the beach you idiot. Come on. Let's go back to the hotel.

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