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I'm Getting Way Too Big For My Bra


Yesterday, my Mom told me I had to get a new bikini because too much of my boobs are showing. Looking now, I guess she might be right. I mean, DAMN, they got huge! They were so tiny last year and now they are so big. No wonder guys are like staring at me all the time and telling me My Body Is Like Whoa. Yea, I guess it is. They're like 32DD now and still growing. I like that they are big but if they get any bigger, it's gonna start to suck.

My older sister is huge. I mean really, really huge. She wears a 36G bra but her boobs are like bulging all out of it cause they're still growing. I so don't want my boobs to be that big. She can't run and guys like just talk to her boobs. Well, they do that with me too but I still kinda like it. My sis hates it and gets really pissed off when I guy won't look her in the eyes. I just tease the guys. It's more fun to watch them get all like awkward looking and stuff. When Randy was over the other day with a bunch of my other friends he was acting weird and holding his coat over his legs. The he said he had to go to the bathroom and ran really quick to get there. I don't know if he was actually going to the bathroom because he was kinda making a lot of noise after he was in there for a few minutes. I bet know what he was doing!

Anyway, I'm gonna go bra shopping and look for a new bikini tomorrow. I hope I can find ones that fit cause last time I just couldn't fit into most of the ones I tried. They were all way too small and my boobs were spilling out the sides. My sister says there's a special place she goes so maybe I'll try that. Later.

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