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My Brother Gets Too Excited Over Me


That's my brother in the pic with me and I hate him. I hate him so much. He won't leave me alone and he's always sneaking up on me at him trying to catch me changing or in the shower. Such a dork. I bet he's covering his tiny little hard on with that water jug. Idiot. He just stares at my ass and tits all the time. He saw this website called "My Body Is Like Whoa" and he said you gotta send them your picture because they might put it up.

It's cool if other guys get all freaky when they look at me but my brother? Ew. That's just gross. And he's always jacking off at home and you can hear him from anywhere in the house! It's disgusting. My parents say I should just leave him alone and that it's just normal. Yea, maybe once every couple days but not five times a day! Fucker. He needs to get a girlfriend but he's such a dweeb, no one will go out with him. he begs me to set him up with my girlfriends but they all think he's gross and I'd never do that to them.

Guess what? I wear those little pants and that orange top just to tease him. It makes him get all weird and I love it! We were on a bike trip through school and when we stopped to rest he'd always run into the woods telling us he had to go to the bathroom. I doubt that's all he was doing in there the little perv. It's so totally disgusting to to take a shower after him because his goo is always all over the walls. It makes me sick! i thought I masturbated a lot but this kid is just addicted to it.

My boyfriend says I should give him a break. I mean he does think it's weird but he tells me any guy would get like that around me. and yea, that's kinda true but he's my brother! That's just fucked up.

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