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Shelly's Boyfriend Eric Is Huge


My boyfriend Mark would so like to be standing where I am right now. Julie took this picture of us and you gotta admit, Shelly looks damn fine here. I'm not les or anything but her Body Is so Like Whoa. Her boyfriend Eric can't keep himself off her ass. She's always wearing thongs and mini. Like at the beach, her ass is all out and Eric has like this huge hard on the whole time. I wish Mark was as big as Eric. Fuck, it's so huge, it's pulls his shorts right off him!

Shelly tells me fucking really hurts unless he goes really slow but it definitely doesn't sound like he's going very slow when they are fucking in her room next to mine. He is fucking loud! And they go for like ever. Shelly tells me he can cum like 5-6 times in a row and still stay hard. Fuckin Mark rolls over and falls asleep after just one time:-( I would so like to fuck Eric...even just one time.

When Shelly was drunk one time and Eric was really wanting to have sex, I said he should just take it out. He did, and oh my FUCKIN GOD! It was so thick and it stuck up way , way above his belly button. Up to like the bottom of his chest. I didn't know what to say. I wanted to sit on him right there but Shelly would be so upset so I told him to jack it for me. He did and holy fuckin shit I couldn't believe how much juice shot out of his dick. It was freakish!! It just wouldn't stop....and he did it like four times. Totally got all over me too. Kinda gross but kinda cool too.

I never did tell Shelly about that but I think she knows. She tells me he's always jacking off. If they aren't having sex, that's all he's doing. Something about it really hurting if he doesn't. i still want that thing inside of me.

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