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Get It All Out Before Your Mom Gets Here


Hey. Come on. I told you not to sneak up on me like that. I have to get ready. Your Mom's coming over in like less than an hour and I need to take a shower. No, I'm not taking my arms down. I don't want any naked pix of me all over the Internet. No, I'm not gonna show you more of my boobs. I can barely cover them anyway so what more do you want to see? No! I said no. No nipples. You can obsess over them later. We have to get ready. Yes, I know you like how huge they are but just imagine what it's like walking around with them sticking out all the time and people staring at them. Yea, I'm sure they like it but I don't.

Oh stop. Come on. No. Don't. You can't get all hard now right before they come over. You know what happens to you. Yes. I know My Body Is Like Whoa but come on. Stop! Do not take your pants off! Do not...oh fuck...dammit...why do you have to be so huge? Can't you ever contain that thing? Of course you can't. You never can. You're always bustin' outta your pants at even the slightest hint of skin. Someday, you'll actually be able to look at my boobs without exploding out of your pants. OK, fuck...come here. We have to hurry if we're gonna get it all out of you before your parents get here.

OK...just...come here....turn around....OK....I got it. There. Let me just get my hands around...yes, you do like that don't you. Damn. Just how the fuck do you deal with this thing all the time? No wonder your pants are off all the time. It's too fuckin' big to fit in them! I can barely get my hands around it. No wonder we haven't been able to have sex yet. OK. Faster? OK. There. OK. Here we go. Let it out baby. Oh wait, wait. Point to the tub. There...OK...let it go... pretend you're fucking me from behind and your hands are all over my tits. Ah...ok...yup...that did it. Let it...damn, that's a lot. Not so loud. The roommates. Come on...quiet. Damn. Mmm...and even more. Nice, dude. All over the wall...

Yea, I know you're still hard. Yes, I know you still need to shoot. My tits? OK. Here. Just. There. Let me get them around it. OK. There. Ouch! Watch out for my face! OK. OK. Easy. Not so fast. I can't keep up. Just. Oops. There you go again. Oh fuck. Not all in my face, dude. Um. Uh. Yuck. Fuck. Does it stop? Fuck. I guess not. Ew. Come on! There's more? Damn, you fuckin' covered me. I need a shower!

Oh come on! You can't still be hard? Unbelievable. how much cum do you have? You need to cum again? No. No. We don't have time for that. No. It won't fit! We tried. Yea, I know it's gonna work sooner or later but we don't have time before your parents get here! Stop! OK. OK. Wait. Here. get behind me. There. Now stick it between my legs. OK. Now I'll squeeze my legs around it. There. You like that. Ha! I guess you do. Now fuck me. Pretend you are inside me and fucking the shit out of me. Let me jack you too. Ha! It's like I have a dick! Is this what it's like to jack off? Just rubbing with two hands like this? Cool. Let me know when....mmm....let it all out....there...mmm...damn that's a lot. Fuck.

OK, dude, your balls gotta be empty by now. Look at all that shit all over the wall...and my face you freak! Ew...but I love it! So hot. OK, wait. No. Stop. Come one. Don't. You know it's not gonna fit. yea, I know I'm wet but dude, look at the size of that thing! We don't have time. We don't...OH MY FUCKING GOD! Ow, Ouch! Stop! Ow. Ow. Ow. Uh...mmm...oh my god...oh god, oh fuck...ow...so good.... oh god. Shit. OH MY FUCKIN......

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