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Bubble Butt And Flour On Counter Get Hubby to Pick Up Kids


I think it borders on a freakish fetish but my husband loves when I climb around on the kitchen counters wearing a thong. He says he likes my bubble butt and he likes to imagine me cooking dressed like that. I tell him to imagine all he wants because I hate cooking. Besides, he does it all anyway and it's really good. I would just screw it up.

When I saw this website, I thought, yea, My Body Is Like Whoa so I thought I'd contribute my little story about how my body makes my man do weird stuff. I've always been able to get guys to do whatever I want by teasing them and it's not much different with my husband. I mean I'm not malicious about it but I just kinda like to play with him and tease him and stuff. He likes to do this weird thing where he puts flour all over the counter and asks me to bend over in it while he...yea..does me doggy style. I like to tease him and tell him he has to promise to get the kids from daycare before I let him. He always says yes:-)

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