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Bursting Buttons Make For Gooey Pool Water


My boyfriend loves to take pictures of me like this with my boobs pushed out. He likes how my shirts are always really tight around my boobs and how they make the buttons stretch. I think it's weird but it seems get him all...ya know...wanting me. Sometimes when he takes pix of my like this the buttons actually pop right off the shirt and that that just makes him so crazy. He drops the camera and like jumps all over me. I'm used to it now but I still think it's so funny that guys completely lose all control when they get close to me. one kid got a hard on in church! That was freaky. My sister and I just laughed. She always tells me My Body Is Like whoa but hers is too. You should see. Her boobs are even bigger than mine and I'm older than her!

My neighbor Justin can't even look at us in our bikinis when he comes over to our pool. He sticks out so far. It happens all the time so we just tell him no to worry about it. It's so funny. He rubbed it in the pool once. That was so gross! All his stuff was floating around in the pool. Disgusting. He tells us he has to do it. It's still gross though

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