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Short Skirt Dare Gets Messy Date


I actually wore this skirt when my friends and I went on this school trip to some old battleship. I never wear it anywhere. I never wear any short skirts. My old boyfriend bought it for me cause he said I looked hot in it. I was so nervous because it was really windy that day and the skirt kept blowing up but Rebecca said if I made it through the day she'd try to hook me up with her brother who is wicked hot. She made me pose for this pic too because she said when her brother saw it, he's really want to go out with me. I've had other guys tell me My Body Is Like Whoa but this made me feel kinda sleazy...like Rebecca as selling me to her brother. She just laughed and said don't be stupid. You know all guys want is to get into your pants. That is true but it didn't make me feel any better.

The skirt made every guy stare at me too which was so annoying. They were all like, "Babe, that is hot!" Even the really old tour guide guy was staring at me too. Gross. Rebecca just laughed the whole time. One time while i was climbing up this really steep ladder to get so some other place on the boat, I told everyone to please not look up my skirt but none of the guys at the bottom of the ladder would move away. When I got half way up the ladder, this huge wind came and I could feel the skirt blowing all the way up but I couldn't let go of the ladder. I knew it blew up too because all those guys sounded like they were having some kind of group orgasm. I can't even describe the sounds. Disgusting. At least I wasn't wearing a thong.

Anyway, I made it though the day but it was really really weird because every single person...even girls...were looking at me. It felt really strange. I did go on a dat with Wayne but it sucked. He said I had to wear the skirt so I did but as soon as he got me in his car and saw me sit, he started touching me and kissing me and rubbing me. I didn't really want to but it felt so good and he was really REALLY hot so I just let him fuck me right in the car. He lasted like three seconds before he went into this incredibly loud and long...and messy...orgasm. After, I wished I never let him because he had like the tiniest dick and I got nothing from it. Except his mess all over me. Gross. It gave me a good reason to throw the skirt away.

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