Alltop Nice Concept but RSS Reader Better

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alltop_twitter.jpg I checked out Guy Kawasaki's Alltop, a site that aggregates the headlines from popular sites and blogs and prsents them on category-based pages. I like the concept. It makes it easy to quickly browse what's happening in a particular category. But as an ongoing resource, I question its use.

Once you've found what you're looking for, you'll likely add it to your rss reader and never visit Alltop again. maybe that's the point. Maybe it's just a service to fund stuff but that seems so limited. Though it might have more use if the category pages had rss feeds which, surprisingly, they don't. If they did, I could see a benefit.

There's even an Alltop page for Twitter which aggregates top Twitters. It appears to be a simple way to see top Twitter topics but, again, once you've found someone you want to follow, you're going to do just that: folow them through Twitter, not Alltop.

Maybe I'm just too old school.

Hillary Clinton Lies, Still Wants to be President

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After her attacks against Obama. Her claim experience rules and her outright lie regarding a trip she took to Bosnia twelve years ago as First Lady, who the hell would vote for Hillary Clinton? I mean really? Who would put their trust in her?

she wished happened.

My Name is Steve Hall

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steve_about_200.jpg So everyone wants their own domain name, right? So years a go, I check to see if is taken. Sadly, it is. It's not surprising though given Steve hall being such a common name. So Steve Hall, the publisher of Adrants, creator of AdGabber, a dude who's been online since AOL has fewer than one million members doesn't get his name as his domain name.

Who gets A pianist named Steve Hall. I'm sure he's a nice guy...and I'm sure he's never going to give up I wouldn't. So here I am with the silly url How idiotic. How wordy. How impossible to remember. But, hey, it's all there was left thanks to domain name sqautters who register every conceivable word combination for no apparent purpose but to frustrate those of us who would actually use the domains.

My name is Steve Hall. I'm an ad guy. Or, at least, I was before I got fired for wasting too much time on the job writing Adrants, now my full time obsession which, thankfully, pays all the bills. Somewhere along that path of goofing off at work, I co-founded the online marketing site MarketingVOX. I also publish the ad:tech weblog and founded AdGabber, a social networking site for the advertising industry.

So that's me Steve Hall. Hopefully I will have something interesting to say here. If not, this will be the first and last post on this site and waste of the $24 I sent GoDaddy for the right to use for two years. Time will tell.