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Alltop Nice Concept but RSS Reader Better

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alltop_twitter.jpg I checked out Guy Kawasaki's Alltop, a site that aggregates the headlines from popular sites and blogs and prsents them on category-based pages. I like the concept. It makes it easy to quickly browse what's happening in a particular category. But as an ongoing resource, I question its use.

Once you've found what you're looking for, you'll likely add it to your rss reader and never visit Alltop again. maybe that's the point. Maybe it's just a service to fund stuff but that seems so limited. Though it might have more use if the category pages had rss feeds which, surprisingly, they don't. If they did, I could see a benefit.

There's even an Alltop page for Twitter which aggregates top Twitters. It appears to be a simple way to see top Twitter topics but, again, once you've found someone you want to follow, you're going to do just that: folow them through Twitter, not Alltop.

Maybe I'm just too old school.

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