Attend Content Marketing World to Be Rocked by Mark Hammil And Cheap Trick


Last year I went to Content Marketing World for the first time. Prior, I had been to several other content/social focused conferences and all are good in their respective niches. But Content Marketing World is really the mother of all things when it comes to content marketing.

Last year, the keynote was delivered by John Cleese which, as you can imagine, was awesome! How do you top John Cleese? It's not easy but the folks behind CMW have done it. This year the keynote speaker will be Mark Hammil. Yes, that Mark Hammil!

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Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     File: Industry Events     Jul-26-16  

Infograpghic: How These 9 Types of Collaborators Can Improve Your Creative Output


Collaboration. It's an important component of any successful marketing campaign. But successful collaboration is easier said than done. Just like there are multiple types of personalities that interact with one another differently, there are also different styles of collaborators that interact with one another differently. To help improve the effectiveness of your collaboration efforts, iMeetCentral has published an infographic entitled The 9 Types of Collaborators. It's based on a survey of over 10,000 and offers a detailed look at how different people collaborate and how to best work with these collaborator styles.

Download the infographic now to to get an inside look at the various collaboration styles within your organization.

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