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Adrants Overview

With a continually updated website and daily email newsletter, Adrants provides marketing and advertising news, opinion as well as features by industry luminaries. Written by former industry practitioners, it provides insightful, informed, experiential, no holds barred commentary on the state of advertising and media. Editorial covers emerging marketing and advertising trends, cultural and demographic shifts affecting advertising strategies, new campaign launches, viral and buzz marketing, useful industry research and the examination of the industry's shift from old paradigms to new. While actively involved in mainstream advertising, both online and traditional, the readers are leading edge thinkers and trend makers - early adopters of pre-bell curve marketing practices that will become the standard of tomorrow. These next generation strategists are at the forefront of emerging advertising practices and Adrants provides them the fuel they need to stay ahead.

Adrants provides both aggregated and first hand news coupled with contributed articles from industry practitioners delivering a complete, daily picture of the advertising industry. Consistently, Adrants breaks stories in advance of mainstream news organizations benefiting its readers with advance notice and insight keeping them well informed and in the know.

How This Benefits Advertisers

Readers depend on Adrants to keep them ahead of the curve, keep pace with the fast changing advertising landscape and to glean insight beneficial to the practical application of leading edge advertising strategies. They expect Adrants content to help guide them through these dynamic times in the advertising industry. Readers are fearlessly loyal, vocal in their on-site participation and voraciously hungry for the site's forward thinking, envelope-pushing, yet common sense approach to news and commentary.

Advertisers who align themselves with Adrants and its voice will engender trust and respect among prospects and customers eager to do business with companies which mirror their own desire to lead the curve.

Adrants Readership Profile

Please contact us for the latest readership study.

Advertising on Adrants

There are several advertising options on Adrants:

Standard IAB ad units are available on all sections of the site. Available sizes are 160 X 600 positioned on the right hand side of the site and IAB rectangles (336 X 280 and 300 X 250) which are positioned directly beneath individual stories. Graphical text ads and other sizes are available as well.

The Adrants AdverPost™ is an ad placement that mirrors the look of a article and is placed at the top of the Adrants home page on a rotational basis. An AdverPost™ is written by the Adrants editor and is available both as a public service announcement or as a paid advertisement. A Paid AdverPost™ is sold on a CPM basis.

The Adrants Daily Newsletter, published each weekday, offers ad placement at the top of the newsletter or between stories. Ads at the top of the newsletter are 468 X 60. Ads within the newsletter content (between stories) can be 468 X 60, 728 X 90 or standard IAB rectangles. Graphical text-ad units are also available and appear between stories.

To place an ad or to obtain additional information (site traffic details, newsletter subscription count, rates, custom packages, etc.), contact Leslie Laredo at The Laredo Group here or call 954-577-5700.

Adrants Accolades

In its 2004 Book of Tens, Ad Age named Adrants the number one "Website You Should Bookmark." Topping Gawker, Drudge, even Google News, we applaud Ad Age's recognition of our unique approach to marketing and advertising news coverage.

Adrants was recently named best individual weblog on general marketing and advertising topics by industry publisher MarketingSherpa. The survey was conducted during the month of May with more than 800 MarketingSherpa readers examining and voting on 29 Blogs in six categories.

"If your interest is advertising, why wait weeks for a worthwhile AP story when you can get it daily - and better - from Adrants?"

- George Simpson, MediaPost

"Adrants has has attained a certain level of "hip-ness". Terrific combination of dry humor and pertinent information. Makes for a great daily read."

- Richard J. Botto, CEO/Publisher, Razor Magazine

"Why would you passively absorb the ubiquitous inanity known as advertising when you could blog about it? Steve Hall pulls together the questionable, the absurd, the new and the noteworthy found floating around in the commercial media and shares the love over at Adrants. For someone who's in the business, he ain't afraid to pull his punches."

- Veer

"...a hip, cutting-edge, slightly salacious view of marketing that emphasizes viral marketing and other alternatives."

- Terry Heaton, Donata Communications

On the Adrants Network:

"I have to admit that the level of conversation and discourse has blown me away. In this day and age, with so much clutter and self-serving crap, Adrants is one of the most refreshing and stimulating resources to tap into. There are many reasons for this...give Adrants a whirl; you won't regret it."

- Joe Jaffee, Consultant and author of iMediaConnection's Jaffe Juice

"One of the most comprehensive advertising blogs I've come across is Steve Hall's Adrants page. Hall maintains a regularly updated, well-designed site. On the left side of his blog you'll find commentary on recent advertising-related news stories, while in the right-hand column, Hall has compiled an extensive list of links to advertising related news sites, industry resources, and other advertising bloggers."

- Shoot Online

Adrants by Steve Hall is beloved by trendwatchers

- Jeff Jarvis

"Let me tell you, it rocks!"

- Bitter from The Bitch Girls

"I gotta tell you that you're about the best commentator on the biz that I know -- even better than Stuart Elliott, who is the top advertising writer in my view."

- Mark Smyka, Canadian Advertising Journalist

"It's not porn - I'm boning up on the ad industry!"

- David Berkowitz, eMarketer

"What’s nice about adrants is the fact that most entries are short, crisp and devoid of advertising jargon - so even a laymanperson can enjoy the post. And most posts are accompanied by visual images which make the task of comprehension so much easier. The design is also very neat and uncluttered which is pretty rare in today’s blogosphere..."

- Jivha - The Tongue

Adrants has also been noted, in good company we might add, as the genesis of other weblogs:

"We've been inspired by the likes of Mediabistro, Gawker, Adrants, Us Weekly, W, Romensko and Salon."

- Jossip, a journalistic gossip site

"There's a wicked glee in a lot of the reviewed ads, a slightly subversive edge to their admonishments."

- Barry Ritholtz, Chief Market Strategist for Maxim Group

"The subversive Adrants, which has been around for a while but is now in blog format, is your go-to blog for commentary on the "brilliance and idiocy of the media and advertising industry." Owner Steve Hall covers ad campaigns, insider industry news and emerging trends (product placement, wireless advertising, etc.) in the form of several daily posts delivered with "wit, humor and sarcasm." Should a daily blog visit become too taxing for your little fingers, you can have the entries emailed to you. A frequent check-in is a must, however, as Steve often gets the dirt from his sources via Instant Messenger or email and posts it right away, so he has been known to scoop even the daily news sites. BTW, you will also find an incredible list of recommended websites and blogs on the subjects of advertising and media at this site, among which you will find Web Digest For Marketers. Clearly, the man has good taste."

-Larry Chase - Web Digest for Marketers

"Thought so. That's how you stay so cool.

Steve Hall wrote:

actually no:-)

From: Name Name [mailto:name_name@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, February 21, 2005 2:06 PM
To: Adrants Daily
Subject: Re: Adrants Daily: Blockbuster Ads Amount to Big Fat Lie

Do you guys know how to use a spell-checker?"

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