HotJobs Says No to Super Bowl, Yes to Viral Supported Sweepstakes

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Rather than waste millions on a Super Bowl spot, Yahoo! HotJobs is hoping to acheive longer term awareness with an online sweepstakes campaign, called Yahoo! HotJobs Big Game Plan, offering winners "some of the wildest, hottest, most sought-after opportunities in the world." Prizes include a three day trip to the New York offices of Cargo magazine to assist on photo shoots, play with gadgets and lunch in the legendary, rumor-filled, Conde Nast cafeteria; a day spent with New York Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer to watch film reels, discuss player strategy sessions or glimpse into Amani's extracurricular public responsibilities through the eyes of his charity TURF (Toomer Urban Recreation Fund); hanging with TLC's What Not to Wear hosts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, to explore New Yorks hottest boutiques, see how filming locations are secured, wardrobe changes are supervised and how the experts shop for the show. In all, there are eight prizes. For a chance to win, entrants must sign up for the sweepstakes and post or update their resume on Yahoo! HotJobs before February 8, 2005.

HotJobs is promoting the sweepstakes through a series of humorous, security cam-based, online viral videos which depict awkward or frustrating workplace scenarios. The campaign hopes to motivate people to explore employment opportunities outside the mundane, daily situations they currently endure. The first of three videos can be viewed here.


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Career Builder Releases First Super Bowl Campaign Spot

CareerBuilder has just released the first of several spots in a campaign which will launch Super Bowl Sunday. In the first spot, a man on the phone with a customer can't carry on a conversation because he works with a bunch of monkeys who can't keep quiet. Not all that exciting. View the spot here and sign up to be notified when new spots are posted.


Tide Coldwater Campaign Employs Six Degrees of Separation Strategy

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For the introduction its new cold water laundry detergent Tide Coldwater, Procter and Gamble has launched a website to promote the product, give away free samples, allow visitors to tell their friends and add their zip code which places them on an American map to illustrate how product usage has spread. Signing up to receive the free product leads visitors to a data gold mine-building optional survey which queries laundry detergent brand usage, feelings about Tide, temperature used when washing clothes and Tide Coldwater purchase intent.

A social network of sorts and a real world demonstration of the six degrees of separation concept, the Tide Coldwater site is powered by Eyebeam's Forward Track, an open source project designed to promote online activism.


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