portfolio of work

Mobilocity was a client of mine at Leo Burnett Technology Group. They came to us for the full range of brand development work. One of the issues that faced them was gaining a clear understanding of the technology buying process and audience and more specifically, the mobile technology buying process and audience. This PowerPoint presentation was put together to illustrate that in three stages. First, a definition of who makes technology buying decisions and what process is followed. Second, insights into that technology buying group in terms of demographics and communication to that buying group. And third, a close look at how wireless implementation decisions are mad and who makes them.

Family Education Network was a client of mine at Harpell. They were originally a publisher of books and other materials relating to the education and raising of children. It was 1996 and they eagerly wanted to take their business to the web. We helped re-brand them from a stodgy old publisher to a more relevant and current provider of educational information for parents. They came to us with the goal of membership.

We crafted a campaign designed more to drive member ship then simply traffic. We employed animated gif banners (then, a novelty) focusing on specific areas of parenting that would then link to a topic specific jump page where the person could: click through to that particular area of the site, sign up to become a member with the offer of a weekly newsletter (again, then a novelty), or click through to the home page.

This was prior to the proliferation of ad serving technology so we gave each banner on each site a unique URL that went to it's unique jump page. We were instantly able to manually optimize the campaign from the server logs. All very automated these days.

The results were impressive. Over 5,000 members in the first month. This, even with the more established ParentSoup in place.

MarketingVOX is a group ad industry weblog that I launched with some associates. It's purpose: "For busy professionals who need to stay informed about the online marketing and media industry and learn from best/worst practices, we aggregate the most interesting news and analysis from hundreds of sources to one spot every day, with insight, brevity and occasional sarcasm." The weblog launched as MarketingFix and was then sold to Andy Bourland of Clickz fame. I continue as Contrubuting Editor and Moderator of MarketingVOX's Oldtimer's Discussion List

Comdial is a telecommunications company that needed to get out of the rut of being perceived as just a telephone company and to be seen more as a communications networking company along the lines of Nortel and Lucent/Avaya. The market saw them as a stellar manufacturer of telephone hardware but really had no conception of the as a more full ranging enterprise communications and networking company. Along with a brand new identity created by LBTG, I crafted a media plan that would help position Comdial differently to their existing audiences, as well as to new audiences that had the decision making authority for the larger corporate communications/networking strategies. This PowerPoint presentation was the result of this need for change and the method by which I felt they could accomplish that change.

Adrants is another ad industry weblog that I manage and publish. Adrants was recently named MarketingSherpa's best individual weblog on general marketing and advertising topics. Reporting on the brilliance and idiocy of the media and advertising industry, Adrants offers subversive comment on the questionable, the absurd, the new and the noteworthy. Everything from new campaign launches to useful facts and figures to odd little items from the fringe are delivered with wit, humor and sarcasm.

WiredEmpire had trouble differentiating themselves from the pack of so called “Technology Enabled Marketing” companies. While this company ultimately failed, I wanted to illustrate a process that I crafted and undertook to very quickly re-invent their brand so that it was more relevant to what was happening in the market. This PowerPoint presentation is the framework and the guiding principle of this process that occurred over the course of a daylong session with the company’s entire senior management team. This was a compressed process designed for the development of a brand position and positioning statement using existing research, a minimal budget, the and requirement to go to market very fast. This process is applicable to company’s in all industries and not just in high tech.

Employease is a company that develops online software solutions for the Human Resources market. Solutions such as automated 401K management and health benefits management. Employease was in launch mode when the came to us for complete brand development and marketing strategies. This PowerPoint presentation illustrates the media portion of this solution. This plan recommended the inclusion of both top management as well as human resources titles.