Time To Take Another Look At Business Blogs » While there are tremendous hurdles a company must overcome simply to blog, more and more companies are realizing they need to do so.

Magna TV Ratings Czar Debunks Nielsen's Commercial Ratings Plan, Calls It Flawed » Yea, the systems not perfect. It never will be. There's too many legacy infrastructure issues, fiefdoms and revenue models to protect.

Intel Looks Beyond McCann Erickson for Brand Ideas » I guess that "Leap Ahead" thing isn't working out too well.

Atlas Creates VOD Ad Network » Expect about 300 more stories like this as everyone jumps on video like a high schooler jumps on his prom date.

Podcast Users Outnumber Bloggers » What kind of comparison is that? What's the relevance? Why not compare the number of podcast publishers to the number of blog publishers? Or the number of people who download podcasts with the number of people who read blogs?

HP Breaks Video Ads Online » Supposedly they're on YouTube. Several searches failed to find them. Maybe they haven't heard of tagging.