Infographic Pokes Fun at Crazy Clients


Here's a bit of hilarity to brighten your day. Well, that is if you work in an ad agency. Sorry, clients, this time the joke is on you. But give it time. No doubt there is plenty to say about those agency primadonnas.

Central Desktop has put together an infographic highlighting the eight types of agency clients. From The Intruder to The Arsonist to The Ghost to The Henchman, all the stereotypes are covered.

Click here to see the infographic.

by Steve Hall    Dec-11-12    
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Honda CMO Dumps RPA After Promising to Keep Them


As is always the case, the irrefutable CMO math has bitten yet another ad agency in the ass. This time it's Honda biting RPA. True to form, new Honda CMO, Michael Accavitti, after taking the job last year, said, dumping RPA would be "completely unproductive and unnecessary, RPA is an extension of the Honda family," flip flopped and uttered this mouthful:

"In the face of a changing media landscape and a hyper-competitive marketplace, our challenge is to create dynamic marketing campaigns that connect and engage consumers with our products and our brands. The review we have initiated will lead to a strong, long-term strategic plan for our brands"

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 6-12    
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Israel Fights 'Stigma Virus,' Ad Spend to Hit $518 Billion in 2013


- Israel wants to combat The Stigma Virus, a sort of reaction to the AIDS virus.

- How do you brew? Partnering with Boston-based strategic planning agency Blitz Media and its client, Breville USA, Struck created a :30 spot that features a colorful cast of characters that capture a particular style of coffee - bold, mild, intense, smooth, strong and light.

- ZenithOptimedia's latest forecast predicts global ad expenditure will grow 4.1% in 2013, reaching $518 billion by the end of the year.

- Talking cookies tout HGTV shows. Love It or List It. Property Brothers.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 4-12    
Topic: Agencies, Research, Video

The Most Amazing Mattress Ads You Will Ever See


That was an easy headline to write. Why? Ask yourself. When was the last time you saw an ad for a mattress that you actually remember. Go on. Think for a minute. Right. Nada, Zip. Nothing.

Now watch these two ads from LA-based Arcana Academy for Sealy. See? The most amazing mattress you have ever seen, right?

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 4-12    
Topic: Agencies, Strange

Ogilvy Brussels Recruits Thief


With the bold acknowledgement of common, less-than-legal behavior, Ogily Brussels developed a campaign that placed a recruitment message inside a downloadable file labeled as though it were Adobe Photoshop or another popular creative software suite.

The files were then placed on popular file sharing sites for download. Once downloaded, the file revealed a job offer. The hired candidate also received all the applications he wanted for free.

We love it. And, hey, it might not be all roses in the eyes of those who judge us at end times but it's also just the way it is. That's were the fish are and that's were Ogilvy went to find them.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-26-12    
Topic: Agencies

Cast of 'The Hobbit' to Appear in WIndows Phone Campaign


Working with Wunderman, Microsoft has signed a deal with Warner Bros. to license characters from the upcoming Peter Jackson movie, The Hobbit, to appear in an ad campaign for Windows Phone 8. Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman), Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen) and other characters will appear in UK, France, Germany and US-based campaigns for the new phone.

Previously, the Windows Phone 8 campaign has tapped Gwen Stefani, Cam Newton, Adam Samberg, Jay-Z and Jessica Alba. Campaign elements will include digital, magazine, TV and outdoor,

by Steve Hall    Nov-20-12    
Topic: Agencies, Campaigns, Celebrity

Fiat Gets Down With Its (Super) Bad Self


Doner and Superfad are out with new work that aims to help Fiat owners understand the customizability of the 500 model. The spot features two of the custom Fiat 500s, The Beach Cruiser and The Café Racer, unveiled recently at the 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Of the work, Superbad ACD Jason Cook said, "The spot is a visual stream of consciousness that takes the viewer through the inspiration and conceptualization of the new Fiat 500s. We reconceived the recognizable elements of the car into something surreal and surprising. On the surf car, for example, the wheels became jellyfish and the headlights became a school of fish."

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 9-12    
Topic: Agencies, Commercials

How the Transition to Digital Affects Agencies' Current Processes


When I was working for a high tech and B2B ad agency that was experiencing growing pains caused by the transformation from small to mid-sized to large, I developed a traffic and production management system using a Mac and FileMaker Pro. No, really. Seriously! Prior to that system, there were nothing more than memos and email to convey information from account management to creative to production to traffic and back. It was inefficient, and many times information was lost in transit.

The FileMaker Pro system introduced job tickets and a workflow that, to the best of FileMaker Pro's limited capabilities, aided in making sure the right people saw the right information and that the process was properly documented. This included a listing of those responsible for various aspects of the job, due dates, production specs and, if lucky, the creative brief.

It was far from a perfect system and rife with the limitations of early-stage FileMaker Pro. At other agencies I worked for, trafficking jobs and managing workflow ranged in sophistication from a simple phone call to a handwritten note to typed, four-part forms to email to clunky dumb terminal antiquation.

Read the rest on the Central Desktop blog.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 8-12    
Topic: Agencies

Obama, Romney Duke It Out Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Style


Courtesy of JWT Brazil and Agencia Casa, one version of the U.S. Presidential election will be determined by Rock 'Em Sock "em robots...powered by tweets! Yes, the agency has cobbled together an app, Tweet Punch Out, that delivers a punch every time a person tweets Obama or Romney. Currently, Romney is leading in hits almost four to one. Read into that whatever you choose.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 5-12    
Topic: Agencies, Political

One Agency's Snarky Approach to Parking Lot Rules


Not all agencies are located in a city where mass transit is the main means of transportation to and from work. In some cities, believe it or not, people actually get into their cars and drive to work. And because they do, they need a someplace to park.

Making sure its employees have plenty of space to park and working to insure :squatters" don't occupy those spaces, Rochester-based Partners + Napier placed several witty no parking signs in its lot to ward off non-employees.

The signs take pot shots at shoppers, partiers, interviewees of competing agencies, coffee shop junkies, cheapskates with threats of "ginormous" fines and towing. Funny stuff. Give the signs a read.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 5-12    
Topic: Agencies

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