'Making of Christmas Card' Video Brings Back Memories


Oh God. This brings back absolutely horrific memories of our time spent pontificating, kissing ass, interacting with idiots, trying to explain to primadonnas their ideas suck and generally snickering at the entire agency business model. That said, we miss it dearly which is why we like this "making of a Christmas card" video from communications agency Closerlook. If your jonesing for some hipster agency experience, wallow in the schadenfreude this merry wish provides.

by Steve Hall    Dec-20-05    
Topic: Agencies

Agency Says Christmas Needs to be More Commercialized


Seattle-based agency Sedgwick Rd. crafted a unique Christmas campaign which pushes aside all that religious and politically correct crap in favor of the true meaning of Christmas: buying stuff. The agency highlights this campaign in its video Christmas card that outlines the agency's research and creative strategy in developing its "no room for anti-Christmas factions full of freaks with nothing to do other than attack America's favorite pass time - emptying Wal-mart warehouses full of crap no one really needs or wants which ultimately ends up clogging overflowing landfills" campaign. Oops, that was a little harsh. We jest.

by Steve Hall    Dec-19-05    
Topic: Agencies, Spoofs

Drunken Santa Needs Help With Packages


While we absolutely can not play this game, we thought there'd be a few of you out there that could. Norfolk-based interactive agency Drew Media has created The Incident before Christmas, an online game where players help a drunk Santa pick up all the packages he's dropped due to his altered state of mind. Perhaps those of you with faster fingers will fare better than we.

by Steve Hall    Dec-17-05    
Topic: Agencies

Agency Holiday Card Stays On Message


Here's a beautifully simple holiday card from Connecticut-based agency Adams & Knight. Rather than go the goofy, silly, humorous route (not that that's all bad), the agency chose to highlight what the shop actually does: make advertising.

by Steve Hall    Dec-17-05    
Topic: Agencies

Agency Uses Foot to Promote Branding Service


Here's something you don't see all the time. To promote its branding service Gulp & Go, PR agency Antonia created a video that likens its approach to branding to, well, a foot. Oddly, it all makes a convincing argument.

by Steve Hall    Dec-16-05    
Topic: Agencies

Australian Agency's Christmas Card Lectures Clients


Spoofing its own "UnAustralian" ad featuring Sam Kekovich, BMF Australia, in its Christmas card, tells advertisers to "increase the size of your budgets, decrease the size of your Legos logos, make better ads and make sure you put me in them." While we have no idea what the Legos (note, he said Legos, not Lego), reference means, Kekovich says he's sick of watching bad advertising such as singing families in breakfast commercials and women having orgasms to sell shampoo and says "you don't have to make ads dull enough to sedate hyperactive Australian Idol contestants just to sell your products."

To explain the power of good advertising, Kekovich tells marketers, "Take my lamb ad. it won loads of awards and sold shitloads of lamb." And to those in charge of business, Kekovich says, "the research-driven, penny-pinching, logo-loving CEOs out there may disagree with me but they can get stuffed." Such a delightful, however very true, holiday greeting. Give it a watch.

by Steve Hall    Dec-16-05    
Topic: Agencies, Spoofs

Publicis Says Shoot the Elves


From Publicis Copenhagen comes this little Christmas time-waster. It's a game where, in order to stop the elves from distracting busy agency workers, you shoot the elves with snowballs while avoiding shooting the employees. Actually, it's a good mental release for anyone who's sick of their boss going to all the Holiday parties while they have to stay strapped to their cube pumping out work for which their boss will take credit. Shoot away.

by Steve Hall    Dec-15-05    
Topic: Agencies, Online

News Flash: Alex Bogusky Has No Hair!


A new online campaign for the Jennifer Anniston, Kevin Coster movie Rumor Has It has played sweetly into our fluff and puffery-filled world of journalistic nonsense. Online marketing firm Pod Digital Design has created RumorMaker, a site that lets visitors create their own front page tabloid scandal about a friend complete with photograph and snarkish commentary. If there's no photo or snark available, visitors can choose from several provided choices. We couldn't resist temptation and had a bit of fun with Alex Bogusky and his hair.

by Steve Hall    Dec-15-05    
Topic: Agencies, Online, Promotions, Spoofs, Viral

There Is Most Certainly Life After the :30


During the bathroom breaks and :30 coffee breaks we are allowed here at Adrants headquarters, we have finally finished Joe Jaffe's book Life After the 30-Second Spot. Actually, we finished it about two weeks ago but, again, we aren't allowed much time here to do anything serious what with all the stunt marketing and cleavage out there that had to be given our journalistic excellence. So, finally, we've found a few moments to hide from the Adrants Overlords to reflect on Jaffe's book and share our thoughts with you.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-15-05    
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Opinion, Television, Trends and Culture

Online Video Growth Stunted by Old School :30 Mindset

Following his trip the the recent iMediSummit, Underscore Marketing President Tom Hespos is voicing his frustration with the advertising industry's continued cling to the television nipple. Concerned that many new online video advertising opportunities will amount to "shovelware TV," Hespos reports many industry execs are pleased as punch with the status quo, happy to unnecessarily pay middlemen to serve their precious TV spots and offended at the notion online video should be any different than a :30 spot.

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