Agency Website Capitalizes on Advertising Induced A.D.D


Realizing that advertising isn't brain surgery and with the drollest of droll voices, visitors to ADD Marketing are introduced to what is certainly one of oddest agency websites seen in recent memory. Droning on, an announcer says, "You've reached ADD Marketing and Advertising, Inc. You're call is very important to us. So important we've put you on hold. Your estimated hold time is...long. So while you're waiting, let's talk about ADD. ADD stands for attention deficit disorder. If you think you have this illness and are seeking treatment, please call a professional. Not that we're not professionals, it's just different. ADD is a Los Angeles-based advertising agency strategically located in the low rent part of Hollywood. We're cheap but out rates are not." Refreshing, to say the least, compared to most other agency websites.

The attention deficit disorder shtick is a dead on reference to the mental state caused by the continual onslaught of media attacking people in every corner of their life, every second of the day. The agency has done work for P & G's Tremor, Mazda and all kinds of movie distributors.

by Steve Hall    May-10-05    
Topic: Agencies

Crispin Porter + Bogusky Signs Content Deal With FOX

Our very creative friends in Miami, Crispin Porter + Bogusky have signed a first-look deal with FOX Television Studios under which FOX gets first right of refusal on CP+B's program ideas. While we love CP+B's commercial work, let's hope this deal doesn't lead to long form commercials passed of as television programs. Oh wait, I forgot about The Apprentice, Survivor, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and, oh, just about every other program currently airing.

by Steve Hall    May- 9-05    
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Dyson Vacuum Guy Says Agency Biz Stinks

Agencies Suck

Over at the Adrants Soflow Network group, Robert Loch posted a quote from vacuum man Richard Dyson in which he claims suits are useless and creatives stink. Dyson said, "The agency business just isn't working for me. I don't want to talk to account planners, and account managers and these other assorted suits. I need to talk to the 'creatives' directly, and explain to them what I am trying to achieve. But they won't come to meetings because they are 'creative.'

"And the fact is that they are not creative at all. They are doing the very worst thing you can do, which is to sit staring at a drawing board trying to come up with an idea out of nowhere. You need dialogue to create. Of all the creative jobs I have encountered it is advertising people who make the most song and dance about creativity. And, you know, they are not creative at all. When I think of the real creation that my designers are involved in, and compare it with these 'creatives' who are earning so much more to just sit around the Groucho Club and be generally useless, it makes me vomit. I can't go on supporting an industry like that, I'm afraid."

What do you think. Comment here or see what others have said in the forum (yes, I know it's a pain, you have to join).

by Steve Hall    May- 6-05    
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Fickle Agency Execs Freak Over Comment

Speaking at the Fairmont Southampton resort in Bermuda at the AAAA management Conference, Volvo CEO and President Anne Belec openly asked the audience, ad agency managers, for new advertising ideas. Apparently, it was as if Vida Guerra, clad in a thong, bent over in front of a bunch of salivating drunks at a bachelor party. You could hear the drool hitting the floor as agency execs suddenly realized one of the biggest car accounts might be looking for a new agency.

Pulling a proverbial Burka over this tantalizing thought, Volvo agency Euro-RSCG CEO Ron Berger calmed the crowd saying, "Those of you who just think that account went into review, that's not what happened, just to be clear." Party pooper.

by Steve Hall    May- 6-05    
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Agency Revenue Up 8.6 Percent

Ad Age has released its annual Agency Report indicating U.S. agency revenue grew 8.6 percent to $17.59 billion. Fifty Seven percent of that figure was generated by the four agency holding companies; Omnicom, WPP, Interpublic and Publicis.

by Steve Hall    May- 2-05    
Topic: Agencies, Research

AD Posts Donny Deutsch Speedo Pics, Gets Fired


Sadly, we're behind on this one but AdFreak brings us up to date informing us ten year veteran Deutsch art director Jeison Rodriguez was fired last week a few months ago for sending out, via email, pictures of Donnie Donny Deutsch, wearing a Speedo and sporting a Mullet, he found on company servers. While Rodriguez meant it as a joke, Donny did not see it that way. Perhaps he's just in a bad mood over his agency's recent hemmoraging of clients.

by Steve Hall    Apr-28-05    
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IGA Partners Launches Game Advertising Unit


In-game advertising company IGA Worldwide, Wednesday announced the formation of a global specialist media group dedicated to advertising opportunities in the game space, using their technology enabled media network to help brands reach millions of consumers.

more »

by Steve Hall    Apr-28-05    
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Fudge Packs, Leaves Y&R, Sort Of

Troubled Young & Rubicam network is replacing Chairman and CEO Ann Fudge even though she will retain the position at Young & Rubicam Brands for the last year of her three year contact.

by Steve Hall    Apr-18-05    
Topic: Agencies

Y & R Struggles With Account Losses And Executive Defections

With the loss of the $150 million Jaguar account, top executive defections and recent IPO and takeover activity, times have been tough for Young & Rubicam and its CEO Ann Fudge. Business Week takes a look at the struggling agency and asks whether CEO Fudge's time has come.

by Steve Hall    Apr-15-05    
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Junior Creative Ignored By CD in Pitch, Ends Up In Winning Agency's Ad

Adland publisher Åsk Wäppling has posted an old commercial on her site in which she appears. She ended up in the commercial through a strange turn of events ten years ago while working on a new business pitch for Expressen Fredag for which she was charged target audience research. Unfortunately, her agency did not win the account due, apparently, to her "fool" of a creative director.

"I had spent days researching the target group (even though I was just 22, I thought I'd interview the target kids between 16-25 to understand them better) to figure out what would appeal to them/how to talk to them," Åsk said. "When I presented that and my conclusions and my ideas, he CD self confidently stated that he "knew" what kids liked, saying, 'I know what the young kids like, I have a VIP card to [name of hip club],' and proceeded to ignore my advice."

Oddly, while not winning the account, she ended up in the commercial anyway. Upon her insights being dissed, Åsk said, "I went out and vented my frustrations by playing pinball all night (there is a machine behind me [in the ad]), and a photographer came up and asked to shoot me for some 'Hip kids reportage'. Turns out the photographer was working for the competing agency, they won the account, and a few weeks later my face was all over MTV."

Gloating happily, she adds, "I was pretty damn chuffed to end up in the competing agencies winning campaign. It was like really rubbing that guys nose in it." The commercial can be viewed here. And yes, you have to subscribe to view.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 7-05    
Topic: Agencies

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