Google Grabs Ogilvy Exec, Sets Up Agency-Like Business Unit


With the news Ogilvy New York Co-President Andy Berndt leaving for Google to head a group which will work with marketers, agencies and the entertainment industry, speculation abounds the online giant is looking to hang a shingle on the proverbial Madison Avenue. Whether or not that's the case, it appears Google may be poised to shake things up once again.

No one's sharing many details and Berndt will remain at Ogilvy for an undetermined period of time before he packs his bags for Google.

by Steve Hall    Sep-18-07    
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Reebok Does 3D, Arnold Does Fashion, TimesSelect Opens


- Here's a making of video highlighting the creation of a 3D graffiti project for Reebok in Cracow.

- Arnold and fashion-focused No. 11 have teamed to launch ArnoldEleven, an entity which will serve the fashion, beauty and luxury industries.

The New York Times is throwing in the towel on its subscription based Times Select product saying the growth of online advertising allows for far more revenue.

- Check this out for some face licking goodness from Guinness.

by Steve Hall    Sep-18-07    
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Jenny Craig Reviews, Page Six Goes Sunday, Kronkite Returns,


- WPP New York is reportedly not going to defend its $70 million Jenny Craig crative account which has been placed in review handled by Blank and Associates.

- The New York Post is expanding its Page Six gossip section to a full blown Sunday glossy magazine section debuting this Sunday.

- Walter Kronkite is returning to television and will appear on the newly launched Retirement Living TV.

- In an interesting mashup, the Polygamous Marriage conference in New Orleans October 26 brings together media, account planing and creative to hear speakers such as Modernista's Gareth Kay, Fallon's John King and Naked's Paul Woolington.

- As if there weren't already an overabundant plethora of awards shows, AdWeek now wants to honor supposed future creative geniuses before they even become geniuses with its "10 Best Creative You Don't Know" showcase.

by Steve Hall    Sep-17-07    
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Jerry Della Femina Calls Bullshit on Bob Bly


Mothers of Invention Founder Robert Rosenthal points us to Bob Bly's blog on which he takes to task Jerry Della Femina for comments he made in a New York Post article. Della Femina said of the advertising business, "It went from being a business of fun to being a business of money, and that changes everything."

Bly agrees advertising should be fun but it should also be considered work and their should be any fun-having with the client's money.

Della Femina himself puts the whole thing to rest, commenting, "What bullshit. I took Isuzu, Becks Beer, Blue Nun Wine, Meow Mix,Zip Lock bags, Dow Bathroom Cleaner, Air Wick stickups from tiny accounts or startups to giant profitable companies. That made all their stockholders a ton of money [and] I did it while I was drunk and having fun. Imagine if I was sober."

Touche, Jerry. Bring back the Mad Men and the three martini lunch!

by Steve Hall    Sep-14-07    
Topic: Agencies

Deutsch Jacks Off, Squirts Out Adsturbation


Combining the theme of masturbation with the ever-unavoidable flashturbation, Deutsch has erected (I know, so fuckin' lame) Adsturbation, a site on which you can pump yourself up ( lame...sorry) while listening to your client, creative director, account guy and supposed-to-be-hot-but-not intern heap praise on you in the form of wacky platitudes. Combine that with the introductory copy "You work in advertising. It's Advertising Week. What better time to pleasure yourself with superlative praise. Why? Because it feels good...There are a few people who'd like to stroke your ego in private," and you've got what amounts to either a witty take on our ego-driven, attention-whoring, self-esteem-challenged industry or a tired, lame, over done joke a fifth grader thinks is funny and can't stop telling over and over and over until you want to scream "shit the fuck up" but you don't because, you know, you're supposed to be the role model. So which is it? You decide.

by Steve Hall    Sep-13-07    
Topic: Agencies, Industry Events, Online

Security Cameras Monitor Agency Employees


Those working in the Ridgefield Park, NJ office of South Korean agency Cheil, which handles the Samsung account here, are probably feeling like Big Brother inhabitants right now after the agency installed 360 degree security cameras to monitor the office 24/7. Those surfing porn sites, spending too much time on Facebook or going to the bathroom too often for a quickie might find themselves the star in the agency's video archive.

Not that there'd necessarily be anything good to see but one has to wonder just how long it will take for some of this stuff will find its way to YouTube. Anyway, if you think time sheets are bad, be happy you don't have a camera over your head capturing every time you adjust your balls or tighten your bra strap.

by Steve Hall    Sep-10-07    
Topic: Agencies

DraftFCB Gets Census, Viral Lampooned, Gore Script Leaked


- need of anything good these days...has landed the $200 million 2010 U.S. Census campaign. We can only imagine the creativity that'll come out of this one.

- This is over a year old. Don't know how we missed it. Although, knowing us, we didn't miss it and have simply forgotten we covered it. Anyway, watch Will Video For Food's Kevin Nalty take on the role of viral video broker and lampoon the early days of big brands misunderstanding YouTube.

- Copyranter has what he's been told is the CP+B script for Al Gore's not-yet-released Climate Project commercial.

more »

by Steve Hall    Sep- 6-07    
Topic: Agencies, Video, Viral

Monster Breached, Gap Mastectomized, Diesel Dives. Hill Heaved


- Uh Oh. Not good. Cynopsis reports, "Online job seeking site suffered a security breach potentially exposing the confidential information of 1.5 million users then waited 5 days to report it."

- Gap ads featuring John Mayer and Lucy Liu get facials scars, mastectomy, respectively.

- Copyranter wishes Diesel would return to its usual form of advertising which made no sense and was sick.

- We love it when agency execs are escorted to the door by security.

- Advertising Age reports AT&T has placed its $3.4 billion media buying and planning account into review. A consultant is involved and incumbent agencies have been invited to pitch.

by Steve Hall    Aug-28-07    
Topic: Agencies, Online, Outdoor

Rude Clients Get What They Deserve in the End


Writing on Advertising Age's Small Agency Diary, Doug Zanger shares a story of a client meeting that didn't go so well. If you've worked in advertising for even just a year, you've experienced plenty of these nightmares and the idiots that fuel them. The story Zanger shares doesn't actually sound as bad as some we've experienced or, perhaps you have. We'd love to hear your horror stories and so would Zanger.

Because Small Agency Diary is published by Advertising Age which, one assumes, has deep pockets, they're offering prizes for the best horror stories so you might want to share your story over there. All we can offer at this point in a used iPod and a ream of white paper. So you decide.

by Steve Hall    Aug-24-07    
Topic: Agencies

Yellow Up, Anderson Out, Nielsen Socializes, Blu-Ray Revealed


- Simba reports worldwide yellow pages revenue increased 2.8 percent to $31,62 billion in 2006. While a slight decline is anticipated for 2007, 2008 is predicted to see another increase. Who knew people still used yellow pages?

- As if you hadn't heard, DDB Chicago President Dana Anderson has left the building citing the need to spend more time with her daughter before she heads to college next year.

- That forward thinking company, Nielsen has gone all social networking on out asses with its Hey! Nielsen.

- Sometime you want to appreciate a commercial simply for what it is. Other times, you want to analyze to death all aspects of it and all the work that went into creating it. If you're interested in the latter, Sony's got a behind the scenes video covering the making of its recent Blu-Ray commercial.

- David Pitlyuk has a nice summary of the history of online video advertising and where he thinks it's going.

by Steve Hall    Aug-24-07    
Topic: Agencies, Social, Yellow Pages

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