Intuit Extends It's Super Bowl Small Business Big Game Program to Three More Brands


Following Intuit's Super Bowl spot for the Small Business Big Game winner, GoldieBlox, the company is also supporting the three runner-up finalists by providing each with their own 30-second spot to air on Fox Sports 1 and 2 throughout May and June. The runners up -- Barley Labs, Locally Laid Eggs and POOP Natural Compost -- will receive produced :30 spots.

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by Steve Hall    May-13-14    
Topic: Brands

e.p.t. Has Fun With Saturday Night Live's CNN Pregnancy Test


Having some fun with Saturday Night Live's CNN Pregnancy Test bit, home pregnancy test brand e.p.t. is exploring the creation of a series of limited-edition pregnancy test sticks that interact with women just like their favorite news programs.

Of the sticks, Jennifer Moyer, vice president of marketing for Insight Pharmaceuticals, parent company of e.p.t. said, "We all saw SNL's sketch Saturday night announcing the new CNN Pregnancy Test, with its constant breaking alerts, even when there is no news to report. We think SNL has stumbled on a great idea, and we'd like to take it to the next level."

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by Steve Hall    Apr-17-14    
Topic: Brands

This Beer Campaign Will Make You Feel Like A Loser


Remember when beer was just this thing you drank on Saturday afternoon after you'd finished cutting the lawn or simply wanted to hang with a few friends at your favorite bar?

Well, thanks to modern marketing, beer isn't beer anymore. It's a lifestyle! Yes, a lifestyle. You don't just consume beer any more. Nope, you consume the lifestyle the beer brand's marketing team has created.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-14-14    
Topic: Brands

Most Interesting Man Solves Depressing Realization Cinco de Mayo Falls On A Monday


The Most Interesting Man is bummed out. He's depressed. He's sad. Why? Because Cinco de Mayo falls on a Monday. A Monday! What a bummer! No one wants to party on a Monday. That'd be like trying to get the Geico Camel to do his Hump Day thing on a Saturday.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 8-14    
Topic: Brands

Ronald McDonald Touts Taco Bell's New Breakfast Menu


In a unique bit brand warfare which really isn't brand warfare at all, Taco Bell is out with a Deutsch LA-created campaign that features Ronald McDonald. No, not that Ronald McDonald but 25 actual people whose names are Ronald McDonald and who are more than willing to profess their love for Taco Bell's new breakfast menu.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-28-14    
Topic: Brands

How to Convert Fans Into A Selling Machine For Your Brand


There seems to be a consensus that referrals are the best form of leads. They close faster, buy more and stay longer. In fact, great sales people have been good at generating referrals for what seems like forever.

Until recently, large corporations have struggled to figure out how to scale the success of individual sales reps to systematically and proactively drive large volumes of referrals. But that is all changing as technology is now coming to market that can help large brands automate the best practices of sales reps and institutionalize the process of generating referrals from customers, employees and other people who influence the buying decision.
Good technology systems typically are designed to automate manual best practices. Let's take a look at key functions that great sales people all tend to have in common:

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by Steve Hall    Mar-26-14    
Topic: Brands

See the Amazing Transformation of These Big Brand Logos [Infographic]


Ah, yes. The logo. That emblem which represents the essence of a brand in a way that communicates its purpose in mere seconds. Or at least that is the hope. Over the years, brands have evolved their logos as both the times and the brand, itself have changed.

Taking a 100+ year look, this infographic from Graphic Design Degree Hub examines the transformation of logos from Pepsi, Coke, Shell, Mercedes, Kodak, IBM, Chevrolet, BP, UPS, Ford, Xerox, Canon, Walmart, Apple, Microsoft and others.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-20-14    
Topic: Brands

Here's What's Wrong With Olive Garden's New Logo


It's funny how a logo change can incite more online hyperactivity than, oh, Russia invading Ukraine or the crisis in Syria. Actually, it isn't funny. It's just plain sad but that's what we've turned into; a country that bitches about inane, meaningless bullshit rather than important world events.

But since we're not CNN and our mission is to report on all things marketing and advertising, it's our duty to cover the hubbub that surrounds Olive Garden's new logo.

To say the least, the new logo has not been well-received. While the new logo now actually has an olive branch in it instead of a -- WTF -- grape vine, it's, shall we say, lacking meat.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 6-14    
Topic: Brands

VW's Hill Hold Assist Doesn't Work With Fat People


It's always interesting to see another country's take on American culture. Sometimes they gate it right. Sometimes they get it wrong. Other times, it just causes one to scratch one's head in bewilderment.

The latter reaction is what we experienced upon viewing this ACW Grey Israel-created ad for VW. Using Elvis -- from his skinny days to his fat days -- the agency is promoting the brand's Hill Hold Assist feature. Except, it isn't doing much for Elvis who is far from holding his ground on the incline.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 4-14    
Topic: Brands

Mila Kunis Makes Bourbon Sexy


Perhaps an odd choice as Jim Beam spokesperson, indeed, but we're sure glad the folks at FutureWorks -- StrawberryFrog, The Works and Jung von Matt -- decided to choose Mila Kunis. We've tired of the stereotypically fat, balding, Southern distiller dudes...and Kid Rock so we're all for something a bit sexier. And Kunis delivers, all softly and sultry-like. Never has a whisky barrel received such sensuous caress.

Of course, it's all a play to get Millenials to stop drinking hipper brands like Sazerac and Bulleit. While that may not work, watching the extended video of 7th generation distiller Fred Noe giving a tour of the Jim Beam operation to Kunis, you can't help but sense the historical importance and longevity of the brand.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-25-14    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity