Creative Chocolate Bar Promotion Despised by Manufactuer


Well you've gotta love a great creative idea. And this Buzzman France-created work for French chocolate bar brand Milka is certainly creative. The agency put together a program based on the assumption the last square of a chocolate bar is the best.

Milka bars where then manufactured with one square missing. Those purchasing the bars were asked to decide whether they wanted that last square sent to them or to a loved one.
Great promotion. Although we're guessing the manufacturing folks weren't too happy with having to retool their production line to manufacture bars with one square missing.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-29-13    
Topic: Campaigns

Oppo N1 Smartphone Ad Campaign Brimming With Sexual Innuendo


A new ad for Chinese smartphone company Oppo has released an ad touting the fact their new phone has a touch screen on the back as well as the front. To convey this point, the brand took the easy route and chose to make an analogy between the back of the phone and a lady's back.

So the result is an ad featuring a bare back accompanied with the headline, "Don't just touch the front, the back is also interesting." The ad is finished with "Rear Touch Panel. A brand new user experience.

Really? Seriously?

Oh and that's not all. Reportedly, he brand has also rolled out an ad featuring a picture of toilet paper and the headline, "Easy to use with one hand so you can get busy with the other one..."

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by Steve Hall    Aug-22-13    
Topic: Bad, Campaigns, Racy

Kraft Flips the Bird to One Million Bitchy Moms With Return of Zesty Guy


Oh how we love when a brand says FU to a cause group. When Kraft gave us Zesty Guy a couple of months ago, members of One Million Moms were none too pleased about an image of naked Zesty Guy with a table cloth over what appears to be the dude's partially erect penis.

Rather than bend over, pull the ad and apologize, Kraft said, "Our Kraft dressing's 'Let's Get Zesty' campaign is a playful and flirtatious way to reach our consumers. People have overwhelmingly said they're enjoying the campaign and having fun with it."

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by Steve Hall    Aug-16-13    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns

Robert Downey Jr.'s HTC 'Change' Campaign Pays Homage to Classic Ad Film, Putney Swope


It's just really hard to fathom that Robert Downey Jr. used to be a drugged out, has-been actor on the brink of death. The dude truly has become the Iron Man. His latest commercial outing, aside from his many successful films, is a two year deal with HTC that will place Downey front and center in a new campaign for the brand, launching August 15, that will playfully endeavor to define what HTC stands for.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-12-13    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Celebrity

Genetic Testing Company Wants You to Know How You Are Going to Die


Personal genetics company 23andMe has launched Portraits of Health, its first television campaign. The campaign, created by Arnold Worldwide in New York, focuses on educating consumers about how understanding their DNA can help them make more informed and proactive health decisions. The campaign, features people discussing their real 23andMe results, visualized as graphics to illustrate what they learned about their health by exploring their DNA.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-13    
Topic: Campaigns

Samsung 'Tabitat' Turns Humans Into Caged Apes


It is confirmed. Humans are wild animals with very strange habits. This new campaign from Chiel and production company six01 use the nature documentary approach to examine the "tabitat" of the (obsessively) connected generation.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-13    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Strange

Jenny McCarthy Doesn't Smell Like an Ashtray in These Blu eCig Ads


Jenny McCarthy, who recently unleashed her breasts for Carl's Jr. can now be seen pimping Blu e-cigarettes in a television campaign breaking August 5. Making note that while dating "smelling like an ashtray isn't the ideal aphrodisiac," McCarthy talks about how smoking e-cigrettes have made her feel better about herself and have eliminated the guilt associated with smoking.

The ads, and associated webisodes introduce a new Blu eCig Starter Pack, packaging that recharges the eCigs.

With tobacco companies getting hit from all aside, the eCig business is projected to grow to $1 billion in 2013. And Blu already has a 40% share of the market.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 1-13    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Celebrity, Racy

Kelly Bundy Rocked the Miniskirt But Christina Applegate Rocks Fruitwater


OK, First of all, Christina Applegate is 41. Let that sink in for a minute. 41. Got it? 41. It seems just yesterday she was 18, all sexed up as Kelly Bundy wearing tight miniskirts and crop tops on Married With Children giving men of all ages something pleasurable to think about while trying to go to sleep on a lonely night.

At 41, the woman is still scorchingly hot but as a mom she tends to shy away from the short skirts and crop tops preferring, instead, more conservatively elegant mommy-wear.

Now, Applegate can be seen in a new Zambezi-created campaign for Coca-Cola's Glaceau Fruitwater, the brand's zero-calorie fruit-flavored line of water.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 1-13    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity, Racy

DISH's Talk Boston Teaches You How to 'Pahk the Cah in Havahd Yahd'


Having come from Boston myself, the Boston accent is something very familiar to my ears. Though I don't really have a Boston accent (parents weren't from Boston), I have an ear for it and can spot all those fake Boston accents in movies from a mile away.

When DISH launched its recent campaign featuring the Boston Guys talking about the service's Hopper (Hoppa), I was pleasantly thrilled to see the Boston accent done right. The Boston Guys campaign, created by Barton F. Graf 9000 (or Baaahton F. Graaahf 9000 as AdWeek's David Gianatasio once called them), began about a year ago and was so loved the agency kept giving us more and more.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-30-13    
Topic: Campaigns

Bookstore Chain Helps You Sleep With Your Favorite Book Characters


Books? Actual printed books? People still buy those things? Apparently so. Otherwise this ACW Grey-created campaign for Israeli bookstore chain Steimatzky is a total waste of money.

Whether or not it's wasted ad spend remains to be seen but one thing is clear; this is one very creative ad campaign. The work centers on print which carries the headline "The Right Book Will Always Keep You Company." The visuals then convey the headline quite literally by placing characters from well known novels in bed with readers.

Yes, yes, we realize this could kick up quite a different set of scenarios given racier book titles but let's keep things innocent for now.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-24-13    
Topic: Campaigns

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