Talking Socks, Mike and Mike Take on Athlete's Foot


MS&L Digital helped launch this weird new site called Get Your Game Feet On, a perhaps dead-on attempt at making Novartis' Lamisil AT Gel more jock friendly.

We weren't deeply moved by hosts Mike and Mike's feel-good product pushing (it's really hard to take feet seriously) but we kind of liked the hoop shot game and thought the talking socks were sort of funny. That is, until we remembered Lamb Chop and got really bummed out. It's not every day that your favourite talking sock dies.

by Angela Natividad    Apr-10-07    
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Happy Belated, Pied Piper of Technology


The slightly-more-considerate cats at Wired inform us that yesterday marked the birthday of Dean Kamen, born in 1951, holder of over 440 patents, and inventor of the first portable insulin pump at the blooming age of 25.

On a more contemporary note Kamen is the inventor of the Segway -- you know, that zany fat-wheeled thing that was going to replace walking and is now the transport of choice for security guards and theme park attendants.

Few can put significant contributions to the betterment (or at least the leisure) of mankind to their names. And even after the Segway crack, we really, really do mean that. So happy belated April 5th to the Pied Piper of Technology (don't look at us -- Smithsonian magazine said it first).

by Angela Natividad    Apr- 6-07    
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Keith Richards Snorts Daddy!


The raucous George Parker points us to news about Keith Richards, who told British magazine NME that he mixed the ashes of his father in blow and snorted it.

There's this South Park episode where Cartman mistakes Kenny's ashes for chocolate milk mix and drinks him. For the rest of the episode he spiritually channels him and suffers flashbacks of Kenny's last memories.

We doubt Keith Richards is channeling his pops, but he might be manifesting his would-be age. We feel an almost mythological fear of him.

UPDATE: a reader does some homework and learns Richards was jesting. Small relief.

by Angela Natividad    Apr- 3-07    
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David Lynch Speaks Truth on Product Placement in Films


Freakazoid filmmaker David Lynch minces no words when asked his opinion on product placement in movies. Just watch. There's nothing else to say. Classic. Simply classic.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 3-07    
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VW Auctions Off Hoods Without Car Attached


We have no idea what anyone would want with a Volkswagen Touareg hood without the rest of the car attached to it but that's the premise of a promotion the automaker is doing as a benefit for Feed the Children. Volkswagen will auction off two Touareg hoods that were signed by 40 athletes, musicians and actors during a Las Vegas Volkswagen Important People promotion in Las Vegas February 16-18 and during the National Basketball Players' Association Gala February 17. The auction began yesterday with minimum bids set at $500. Sadly, neither of the bids (one, two) have seen any action yet which, again, begs the question...who wants a hood without the car even if it does have a bunch of celeb signatures. Despite that, we have no doubt the hoods will eventually be scooped up.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 3-07    
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Kenneth Cole Uses AIDS to Sell Fashion


Kenneth Cole is having fun again. This time with AIDS. He's making AIDS fashionable. Well, sort of. Nothing like showing a hot fashion chic to attract attention and then slapping the tagline "we're all potential carriers" to repel with plague-like force. Oh wait. AIDS is kind of like the plague and even hot models can get it so we'll just shut up now and let Ken do his thing.

UPDATE: Even more Kenneth Cole idiocy. This time with weapons of mass destruction.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 2-07    
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Anna Nicole Smith Dies of Drug Cocktail. Did You Really Not Know That?


We're not sure why Anna Nicole Smith's death continues to monopolize our breaking news. We never had anything against her, but we're starting to feel mildly resentful. Is there really nothing else more critical than ANS's autopsy results happening in the world?

Come on, America.

by Angela Natividad    Mar-27-07    
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Youtube Awards Yield New Blogebrities


Youtube's 2006 video awards is over and winners are receiving a reception once experienced only by winners of MTV's VMA in the early '90's. The breakdowns follow.

OK Go wins Most Creative for Here It Goes Again, closely followed by Where the Hell is Matt? Why that deserves "Most Creative" we'll never know, but whatever. Apparently the universe awards gamers who dance and civil engineers who sing in equal measures of WTF.

more »

by Angela Natividad    Mar-27-07    
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Paul McCartney is Really Into Starbucks


In a surprise move, Paul McCartney unveils his status as premier artist on Starbucks' label Hear Music with the release of his current album under the Starbucks banner. This move marks his surprising departure from Capitol Records after 43 years.

We've been huge Starbucks fans since the early 90's. With the prominent inclusion of a Beatle on their roster, our Starbucks visits will take on the sensory experience of a menage a trois. We have chills just thinking about it.

Howard Schultz feels similar if Advertising Age is any indication. "How could a coffee company sign a Beatle?" he allegedly asked in awe. Frothy as usual, McCartney appeared before the Starbucks corporate team and wished love and kisses to everyone present, then cheerfully admonished that they all get to work: "I look forward to with all of you guys and reaching people around the world in a new way, and let's get on with it, man!"

by Angela Natividad    Mar-22-07    
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Fergie's Bad Influence Pisses Parents Off


Candies' new cover girl Fergie sparks strong feelings among parents who don't want a celebrity sporting a "Parental Guidance" advisory to be hawking teeny-bopper bomber jackets to their guileless Hilary Duff-loving ingenues. The ad that sparked the fire featured Fergie with what appears to be liquor in the background of a recent Candie's ad.

Having done her part to destroy hip-hop (contrary to a recent campaign in which she and other members of the Black Eyed Peas actually save it) with pop hits like My Humps and Let's Get Retarded (later tastefully renamed Let's Get it Started), it's always been our suspicion that the kiddies didn't need Fergie to actively encourage them to drink; it's part of what you need to do to make her palatable in the first place.

But hey, kids have their own minds and in an ideal world if you raise them right you don't have to go on a witch hunt for every suggestive social ill that slips out of the woodwork, yeah?

by Angela Natividad    Mar-22-07    
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