Britney Spear's Pregnancy Celebrated With Magazine Cover

Goldenfiddle has provided us with a photoshopped image of the pregnant Britney Spears adorning the cover of Vanity Fair just as Demi Moore did years ago. Just as it was then and certainly is now, it's not an image we really want to see. But, in the name of news coverage, however questionably related to advertising or media, we're sharing it for those who just can't get enough of this stuff.

by Steve Hall    Apr-13-05    
Topic: Celebrity

Demi Moore New Face of Versace

The New York Post reports Demi Moore will take over for Madonna as the new face of Versace. The paper says speculation began following a sighting yesterday, noted in Women's Wear Daily, of Moore, boyfriend Ashton Kutcher, photographer Mario Testino and Versace herself eating lunch at V in London.

by Steve Hall    Apr-12-05    
Topic: Celebrity

FOX '24' Star Does Japander Thing

Spotted by Hiroshi-K, FOX 24 star Keifer Sutherland is hawking, CalorieMate, some sort of diet food Japander style. We know the culture's different and even high paid actors need more money but why do appearances by American stars in Japanese ads always seem so odd?

by Steve Hall    Apr-11-05    
Topic: Celebrity

'Apprentice' Contestant Arrested

Certainly no surprise given his angry demeanor on the show, The Apprentice contestant Chris Shelton was arrested April 10 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa, Florida for disorderly conduct. The Smoking Gun reported the exact details of the arrest are not known but, referring to Shelton's mug shot, speculated liquor had a role. We just hope his firing from the show is as dramatic.

by Steve Hall    Apr-11-05    
Topic: Celebrity

Paris Hilton Promotes Pituitary Disorder With Sex

To raise awareness of pituitary dysfunction, the Pituitary Network Association invited Paris Hilton to meet with PNA board member Ken Baker to explain the disease to her and to present her with a cute, pink T-shirt that reads, "Sex is a nine letter word." There are nine letter in the word "Pituitary."

Upon receiving the gift, Paris released the air valve in her head and uttered her classic "that's hot" phrase adding, "People should know more about a gland that most of us never even think about. It's a really good cause." Anything for publicity.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 8-05    
Topic: Celebrity

Stacked Pamela Anderson Gets Friendster Bog Treatment For 'Stacked'

MarketingVOX reports FOX will promote its Pamela Anderson comedy series, aptly named with an overly obvious double entendre, Stacked, with Friendster weblogs written by cast members similar to blog/Friendster promotions for Anchorman and The Apprentice.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 7-05    
Topic: Celebrity

Pamela Anderson New Face of Viva Glam

Today, Pamela Anderson has joined Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliott, Linda Evangelista, Chloe Sevigny and Boy George as spokesmodel for VIVA GLAM V lipstick and lipglass, the fund-raising arm of M.A.C. Aids Fund.

Upon joining the campaign, Anderson said, "M.A.C. VIVA GLAM V is a great campaign to be involved with," Anderson said in a statement. "I feel privileged and empowered to help raise funds and awareness of the importance for getting tested. After being diagnosed with hepatitis C, I knew the importance of knowing your status. Only then can you make informed and wise decisions for your health and life."

by Steve Hall    Mar-31-05    
Topic: Celebrity

Britney Spears Curious Ad Restricted Britain

With so much artsy-fartsy quick cut, double-entendre imagery going on in the Britney Spears Curious commercial, it's hard to imagine how anyone could see anything long enough to be concerned there might be some risque elements to the spot but the chaps over in Britain seems to have good eyes and have restricted the airing of the spot to after 7:30 PM when, presumably, untainted minds have gone to sleep.

The spot captures Britney in the throes of a fantasy with a guy in the next hotel room, complete with all the sexual imagery you'd expect; lips, fingers, blooming flowers, fingernails clawing skin, fingers against a rain soaked window, a pair of dolls kissing, clenched hands, bulls in a ring, crashing waves, writhing bodies and, finally, open mouth glee. It's 30 second of visual orgasmic bliss. Hmm, perhaps that's why it was restricted.

by Steve Hall    Feb-10-05    
Topic: Celebrity

Jamie Lynn Spears The New Marketing 'Must Have'

As Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Linsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, and Hillary Duff shift from tween/teen queens to adults with flaws, marketers are now clamoring for the next new fresh face and they may find it in a younger, less tarnished version of Britney Spears: her sister Jamie Lynn Spears. Spears just debuted her new Nickelodeon show, Zoey 101, in which she plays a student at a California boarding school. Yahoo searches for the show are up 1,733 percent this week.

Soon, no doubt, the sponsorship requests will pour in as marketers shed themselves of Olsen drug scandals, Lohan breast obsession and Duff stuff overdose. Yet, dampening hopes the younger Spears will cast off the baggage of her elder stars to display much needed refreshing intelligence and cultural insight, she said, in a USA Today interview, "I want to get a new Louis Vuitton purse. I've had that one (a Murakami) for a while. I need something a little bigger." Yes. A brain.

by Steve Hall    Jan-14-05    
Topic: Celebrity

Christina Aguilera Appears in Hot, Hot, Hot Skechers Ads

By far the hottest ads to date from footwear company Skechers will be a series of ads for an upcoming fall campaign featuring Christina Aquilera in poses sure to raise the blood pressure of any normal human. There are three ads in the series which will run internationally beginning in August. Each ad shows double images of Aguilera. The firts portrays Aguilera as a nurse aiding a patient, the second shows her as teacher and student and the third shows her getting some legal treatment from herself dressed as we wished all police officers would dress - well, at least the hot ones.

On her agreement to work with Skechers, Aguilera said, "I agreed to be part of Skechers' international marketing team because I like its image -- youthful but edgy. It has attitude and is willing to try new ideas -- refreshing,"

All three ads can be viewed here. Thanks to Dan at The Superficial for the tip.

by Steve Hall    Jul-28-04    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity

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