This Follow Up to Bud Light's Super Bowl 'Up For Whatever' Falls Flat


I don't know. Give this next chapter of Bud Light's Up For Whatever entry a view. To me it just comes of as if it were an overzealous ad school student version of the original. If you recall, the brand launched a celebrity-studded version of this ad during the Super Bowl in which the likes of Don Cheadle, Minka Kelly and Arnold Schwarzenneger along with One Republic show one guy an epic night.

In this second outing, a couple of guys, Jesse and Luis, get to hang with NBA All Stars Alonzo Mourning, Karl Malone, Penny Hardaway, Bruce Bowen, Darryl Dawkins along with Benny the Bull and experience a basketball lover's dream.

It all falls kind of flat.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-17-14    
Topic: Celebrity

Kevin Spacey Recruits Type E* Talent For E-Trade


Well after dumping the baby, E-Trade wanted something different. And Ogilvy is delivering different. After kicking off with Epic Musical in which people break into song because they are Type E people, Ogilvy has given us Frank Underwood.

OK, it's not Frank Underwood, it's Kevin Spacey being, well spacey in yet another goofy ad about Type E people. In this ad, Spacey is a talent scout for Type E people and while he isn't channeling Frank Underwood, you can't help but see a mischievous Frank inside this E-Trade version of Kevin Spacey.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-14-14    
Topic: Celebrity

Creative 'Wet Dream' Has Mirands Kerr in Bed With Sneakers


Ladies? You wear sneakers to bed right? Partners of ladies, you love when she kicks the covers off and reveals her new Reebok Skyscape kicks, right? Well, apparently, the folks over at DDB New York do and they've snagged international supermodel Miranda Kerr to show you just how sexy wearing shoes to bed (and into the shower) can be.

And this wouldn't be a campaign featuring international supermodel Miranda Kerr if there weren't a TV commercial which voyeuristically drools all over Kerr as she returns home from a run, strips off her top, wriggles out of her thong-style panties and climbs into the shower.

Yup, another frustrated creative's wet dream in action.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-27-14    
Topic: Celebrity

Mila Kunis Makes Bourbon Sexy


Perhaps an odd choice as Jim Beam spokesperson, indeed, but we're sure glad the folks at FutureWorks -- StrawberryFrog, The Works and Jung von Matt -- decided to choose Mila Kunis. We've tired of the stereotypically fat, balding, Southern distiller dudes...and Kid Rock so we're all for something a bit sexier. And Kunis delivers, all softly and sultry-like. Never has a whisky barrel received such sensuous caress.

Of course, it's all a play to get Millenials to stop drinking hipper brands like Sazerac and Bulleit. While that may not work, watching the extended video of 7th generation distiller Fred Noe giving a tour of the Jim Beam operation to Kunis, you can't help but sense the historical importance and longevity of the brand.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-25-14    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity

Diet Mountain Dew Turns Dale Earnhardt Into Nature's Worst Enemy


Oh yea. Here's a great concept for a Diet Mountain Dew ad. Let's get Dale Earnhardt Jr. to tear the crap out of nature when he's called into action by a hunter's "Dale Call." That about sums up the Mountain Dew brand: Drink us and you, too, can become a lunatic to whom the term "tread lightly" has no meaning.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-14    
Topic: Bad, Celebrity, Commercials

Today Maria Sharapova Was in Sochi Launching Samsung's Galaxy Studio


Personally, we prefer Maria Sharapova back in her Land Rover and Dentsu crotch shot days but, hey, we all grow up eventually.

If you haven't heard, last summer Sharapova was named Samsung brand ambassador for Sochi. Today, she and Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Studio inside Olympic Park. The Galaxy Studio Olympic Park will give people a chance to check out Samsung's newest technology and connect with the Olympic Games.

Of her involvement, Sharapova said,"I'm thrilled to join Samsung in the opening of its Galaxy Studio in the Olympic Park and delighted to be a part of today's celebration that symbolizes the start of Samsung's onsite Sochi 2014 campaign. As an athlete myself, I appreciate Samsung's efforts to provide personalized Games Time experiences to fellow Olympians and also fans through a variety of Studio experiences that help us all get the most out of the Games."

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-14    
Topic: Celebrity

Questlove Kicks Off Guitar Center Campaign


Pereira & O'Dell is out with a new campaign for Guitar Center titled "The Greatest Feeling on Earth". To kick off the campaign, the agency hooked up with Time Magazine's 2013 "Coolest Person on Earth", Questlove, as the campaign's first artist Ambassador. He will star in the first spot of a series of commercials that will feature other artists.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-14    
Topic: Celebrity

Jessica Simpson Looking Hot Again in New Fashion Campaign


Jessica Simpson, spokesperson and avid customer of Weight Watchers, is out with a new campaign for her 2014 Jessica Simpson Collection. In the campaign, she sports a form fitting one piece bathing suit, a sundress and a sweater.

And that's all for today's pointless celebrity piece.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-30-14    
Topic: Celebrity

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Gold's Gym Members For A Good Cause


If Arnold Schwarzenegger walked into your gym, would you recognize him? What if he was wearing a wig and a mustache? Not everyone would as you can see in this video he did for the gym with the aim of promoting the After-School All-Stars program which offers kids health and leadership education.

There are quite a few funny moments in the video as well as some fitness advice doled out as only Schwarzenegger can. Funny stuff.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-23-14    
Topic: Celebrity, Guerilla

Olsen Twins (Smartly) Avoid Full House Reunion Super Bowl Ad


John Stamos has been the Danon Oikos spokesperson for quite some time. This year, the brand's teaser has him reunited with his former Full House co-stars Bob Saget and Dave Coulier. There isn't much to the teaser. Stamos finishes watching the game (while eating some Oikos, of course), the camera pans to reveal Sagat and Coulier, Stamos says, "Time to go to bed boys," and Saget asks, "isn't it time we all got our own places?" All respond with, "Nah!"

Now all we need are the Olsen Twins to sachet in wearing bikinis to make this scenario even more awkward!

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by Steve Hall    Jan-21-14    
Topic: Celebrity, Super Bowl 2014

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