Former NFL Defensive Tackle Tackles Bladder Leakage


Former NFL football player Tony Siragusa is fronting a new Depends campaign entitled Guard Your Manhood. The campaign aims to serve the needs of 23 million men who suffer from bladder leakage. The campaign, which takes the whole man-cave approach to things -- just to be absolutely sure no man feels like a wuss for having this condition -- introduces a line of Depends designed specifically for men.

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by Steve Hall    May-15-13    
Topic: Celebrity

Katie Couric And Daughters Front New 'Got Milk' Campaign


Debuting today during her talk show, Katie Couric along with her two daughters, Elle 21 and Carrie 17, will appear in a new Got Milk commercial. Couric was asked to be part of the campaign when her daughters were younger but felt the timing wasn't right and she didn't want them in the spotlight at an early age.

Of her and her daughter's participation in the campaign now, Couric said, "They're older. I'm really proud of them. I think they've turned into exemplary young women. I thought it would be something fun."

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by Steve Hall    May-10-13    
Topic: Celebrity

Boyz II Men Croon in New Old Navy Airplane Ad


Is it just us or is there a weird white/black vibe going on in this latest installment of Old Navy's airline-themed, Julie Hagerty commercial which features Boyz II Men singing "I'll Make Love to You"?

Created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the ad has the boyz sashaying their way up the airplane aisle along with a group of women doing the same. After a bunch of lyrical loolooloo-ing, a woman babbles on about how many compliments she's received on her white jeans and then says, "white is the new blue."

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by Steve Hall    May- 9-13    
Topic: Celebrity

Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto Are Spock v. Spock in Audi Ad


Pitting old versus new, classic versus re-imagined and old versus young, Audi is out with a tow-and-a-half minute video which features Leonard Nimoy, who first played Spock in the 1996 television series Stark Trek, and Zachary Quinto, who currently plays Spock, racing wach other to a golf club. Quinto is in an Audi and Nimoy in in a Mercedes.

The two have a witty reparte with one another on their way to the club but it's when they both arrive at the club that the real fun begins. True Star Trek aficionados will love it.

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by Steve Hall    May- 7-13    
Topic: Celebrity

Isaiah Mustafa Plays Obama in Israeli Beer Ad


Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa has whipped out his Old Spice persona and lent it to Israeli beer brand Maccabee for an ad created by Allenby Concept House. In the ad, a man's distaste for Maccabee results in Mustafa -- acting very Presidential in an oval office of sorts -- turning the situation into a national issue of epic proportion.

It's garnered 572,000 views on YouTube so it can't be all bad, right? That man's gotta work and what better gig than an overly long overseas commercial in which he can turn his towel-wearing Old Spice character into Presidential stateliness?

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by Steve Hall    May- 2-13    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials

Beyonce Boogies on the Beach in Bikini For H&M


Ever since Beyonce strutted her stunningly curvaceous bootyliciousness from car to Pepsi machine ten years ago, we've had a thing for the girl. And the girl, it seems, has a thing for advertising.

Beyonce, who recently appeared in a 180LA-created commercial for Pepsi in which she vanquishes her past hotness, now be seen strutting her stunningly curvaceous bootyliciousness across a tropical beach for H&M.

In the ad, Beyonce is accompanied by her own soon-to-be released song, Standing in the Sun.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-30-13    
Topic: Celebrity

Matrix's Agent Smith Touts GE's Brilliant Machines


In an advertising coup like none we've seen in a while -- and a bold move for a conservative brand -- GE hooked up with Hugo Weaving who once again donned his shades and Agent Smith suit from the Matrix movies.

The ad, which debuted this past weekend, has Agent Smith walking the hallways of a hospital touting the brilliance of GE software which allows it to "be in many places at the same time" -- all while Agent Smith, himself, appears in many places at once.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-16-13    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials

Mr.T is 'Tee Expert' In Old Navy's Latest Ad


Mr. T, who doesn't look like he's aged a day since he appeared on The A Team 30 years ago, can be seen as Tee Expert in Crispin Porter + Bogusky's latest Old Navy commercial. The ad is part of a series with Airplane star Julie Hagerty. Past ads have featured Jennifer Love Hewitt and future ads will feature Boyz II Men, Rachel Leigh Cook and others.

This is Mr. T's second appearance in an Old Navy ad. Last year, the A-Team start appeared in a two minute infomercial with Anna Faris.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-11-13    
Topic: Celebrity

Courtney Love Delivers F-Bomb in E-Cigarette Ad


Not one to shay away from the profane, Courtney Love can be seen in a new NJOY e-cigarette ad dropping the F bomb at a swanky event after a women approaches her and says, "Excuse me. You know, you can't smoke in here." Via.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-13    
Topic: Celebrity

Beyonce Vanquishes Past Hotness in Pepsi's 'Live For Now'


Which Beyonce do you like the best? Her black leotard "Single Ladies days? Her hot pants-clad Crazy in Love days? Her "Bootylicious alter ego? All of them, of course? What's not to love about Beyonce in any form? Just ask this guy.

Working with 180LA, Beyonce can be seen in a new Pepsi commercial reliving all her past personas until she breaks through with her current, Pepsi-fueled Live For Now persona.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-13    
Topic: Celebrity, Racy

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