How to Turn You Cat Into A Dog


OK so perhaps it's not really possible to turn your cat into a dog and, after all, why would you? Cats are perfectly docile, friendly and fluffy just the way they are. For some reason, UK-based mobile company O2 thinks cats should "be more dog."

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 9-13    
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Four-Year-Old Robinsons Wimbledon Ad Gets Proper Ending


Way back in 2009, BBH London created a seat-of-your-pants commercial for UK soda brand Robinsons. The ad showed the edge-of-your-seat excitement British fans experienced as they cheered for a British player to win for the first time in 73 years. A win that, sadly, never happened. Now, after 77 years -- and four years after BBH London created the ad -- Britain has won Wimbledon and the Robinsons ad now has a proper ending.

Over the July 4 break, Britain's Andy Murray won Wimbledon, besting Novak Djokovic to bring Britain's 77 year losing streak to an end. A voiceover added to the end of the original ad reads, Worth the wait, wasn't it?"

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-13    
Topic: Commercials

And That's It! Happy July 4th America (Be Back Monday)


- True Blood's Kristin Bauer van Straten gushes about her No Kill Los Angeles animal shelter dog.

- SXSW is now accepting proposals for conference programming through its PanelPicker interface. Anyone can submit panel ideas which will then be voted upon by the community at a later date.

- For anyone who has southern blood running through their veins, this Chevy Silverado "Strong" commercial will resonate. Actually, it will resonate with just about any American.

- Here's a couple of quirky Tempur-Pedic commercials from Carmichael Lynch that will make you Chuckle. One. Two.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 3-13    
Topic: Commercials

Dove Wonders Why Women Are Camera Shy


Along with its hugely successful and Cannes Lions-winning Real Beauty Sketches, Dove is out with Camera Shy, a :60 that focuses on the propensity of many women to shy away from the camera when it's aimed at them. Created by Ogilvy, the work is accompanied by ose Murphy's "Peek-A-Boo" as woman after woman hide from the camera until a super asks, "When did you stop thinking you're beautiful?"

It then shows images of little girls having no fear in front of the camera suggesting camera shyness is culturally induced. Which, of course, may be true. Except for the fact all one has to do is spend a little time on Instagram or Facebook or any number of other image-focused sites to find thousands of mirror shots and selfies.

Which, of course, is not to belittle the fact that, yes, many won are, in fact, camera shy and do question their beauty.

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 2-13    
Topic: Brands, Commercials

Swarm of CGI Bees Sniff Out Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey


Hmm. While a swarm of CGI bees look really cool bursting through a plume of steam, deftly maneuvering their way through a large fan, whipping through a newsstand and forming the word "swarm" in a bar, we're not too sure we want bees of any kind around when we consume a bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey.

Created by Arnold Worldwide and produced buy Smuggler, the work is said to have achieved over 10,000,000 impressions online and will air a few more times this year after having appeared during NBA and NHL playoff games.

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 1-13    
Topic: Commercials

Smart Car Brings Honesty Back to Advertising


While it's understood honesty is most always the best policy, sometime marketers don't exactly adhere to that tenet. Many like to gloss over facts, stretch the truth and generally place a shiny bow atop even the most questionable brand promise. Which, of course, over the years, has cause consumers to view the advertising industry much the same way they view car dealers, personal injury lawyers, politicians and real estate agents.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-26-13    
Topic: Commercials

Bar Rafaeli Gets Love Note From Zion Baruch


Apparently in recent years, Israeli gossip columns have been busy covering the growing relationship between supermodel Bar Refaeli and the womanizing Israeli comedian, Zion Baruch. Are they just friends? Are they a couple? It's a question everyone seems to want answered

Sunglass brand Carolina Lembke stepped up to the plate and gives us an answer that just might put the whole thing to bed.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-20-13    
Topic: Commercials

FANTA Gets Its Own Coke Happiness Factory


Is it just us or is this German Fanta commercial a whole lot like the Coke Happiness Factory commercials? Of course, Fanta being a division of Coke, we guess we can't much blame Jung Von Matt for giving us an homage. Alex & Steffen did the 2D and 3D work in the video.

The video gives us an epic, period piece battle in which a castle full of characters attempts to quell a giant, pillaging robot who, as it turns out, is just a cooler at a family picnic. Leave it to the hot princess to finally vanquish the mechanical foe.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-18-13    
Topic: Commercials

This Cesar Dog Food Ad is the Best Dog Food Ad You Will Ever See


Dog food ads. Usually silly stupid things with pets and their owners acting dumb and doing idiotic things. Not this UK-based commercial for Cesar dog food. Perhaps one of the best dog food commercial we have ever (and will ever) see.

Entitled, Love Them Back, the commercial's emotional appeal is fueled by Tom Hodge's Walk Through The Village.

The ad is a testament to the loving bond that can form between animal and human even in the face of devastating loss.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 6-13    
Topic: Best, Commercials

Farting Baby Drops A Wet One in Samgsung's 'Swaddle Master' Ad


My how far phone advertising has come. No longer are dads idiotic imbeciles who can't figure out the internet. Nope. They have progressed to masters of the swaddle. Well, that is with a little help from the Samsung Galaxy S4's Air Gestures and Smart Pause.

Our dad in this 72andSunny-created ad is quite pleased with his swaddle job. That is until junior decides to pump out an epically loud and disgustingly juicy fart.

And if you simply can't get enough farting babies, you simply MUST watch this compendium of Top Ten baby Farts. We guarantee you will not be able to get through it without laughing yourself to tears. Number three will have you on the floor!

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 5-13    
Topic: Commercials

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