With ARCO, You'll 'Pump With Confidence'


Gasoline brand advertising has always struck us as pointless. After all, when your car needs gas, you just go to the nearest station and fill up. Sure there are some differences in each brand's formulation but is it really that different to in any way, shape or form make a significant dent in the performance or gas mileage for the average driver? We could be wrong but we've always thought not. Gas is gas. Buy it when you need it. Buy it where you needs it.

And when we receive a press release that screams, "Fresh off their recent Titanium Lion win in Cannes and exodus from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Bill Wright and James Dawson-Hollis have already begun to inject their contagiously unconventional creativity into OgilvyWest as it embarks on a new creative era," we aren't expecting much. After all, it's a gas ad. How much creativity is truly required?

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by Steve Hall    Jul-18-12    
Topic: Commercials

Airtime Enlists MC Hammer, Kurt Russell For Inaugural Ad


Perhaps you've heard of Airtime, the Chatroulette-like video chat service from Shawn Parker that allows you to chat randomly with your Facebook friends or complete strangers based on interests. Anyway, Airtime Co-Founder Shawn Fanning just released a promotional video for the service which features spokesman Ian Plaff who also works for the agency that created the video, Portal A.

Plaff takes on the persona of Buckley Rivington, a well-to-do, old money sort of fellow who's right at home in his Hugh Hefner-wear while chatting up the likes of MC Hammer, Kurt Russel, Gary Vaynerchuk and Ronnie Lott on Airtime.

It's humorous enough if you're into that whole "I'm an uber geek who has to adopt every new widget the tech industry produces" thing.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-17-12    
Topic: Commercials

Buying Geico Insurance More Fun Than Smashing Watermelons


Just when you think every last insurance ad concept has been done, The Martin Agency comes up with Happier Than, a humorous campaign that compares the happiness factor of buying insurance from Geico to, well, comedian Gallagher whacking watermelons at a farm stand.

This first spot will begin airing tonight during Letterman. Additional apost will feature Christopher Columbus driving speedboats and Slinky having his way with an escalator

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by Steve Hall    Jul-16-12    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Strange

Life Sans Textiles A Prickly Situation


McCann New York is out with its first work for IKEA. A two minute film focuses on what life would be like without textiles, the focus of the brand's upcoming catalog. In the ad, directed by Paranoid's Oliver Babinet and underscored with Maplewood's Everything I Own, we see just how much of a challenge life would be sans textiles. It wouldn't be pleasant.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-16-12    
Topic: Commercials

Susan Glenn Revealed! And Kiefer Sutherland is in Love With Her


For the past month or so, a woman by the name of Susan Glenn has been popping up. First on Buzzfeed then on various message boards, a blog and even on the OnlineSlangDictionary where one of the definitions defines her as "That girl that you like so much but you never actually flirt with because you are too worried about messing it all up"

In the Facebook group Suxorz, a group that collects epic social media failures, BlogAds Founder Henry Copeland wondered whether or not this is just "a lame seeding for some movie... or just the first of some supersmart social campaign?"

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by Steve Hall    Jul-13-12    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Celebrity, Commercials

Who Knew VW Could Save A Relationship?


We often receive platitude-filled press releases which prattle on endlessly about the finer points of a particular piece of work's genesis or creativity. But this one from Velocity Films which recently shot an Ogilvy Cape Town-created ad for VW really lays it on thick.

According to the release, this work, "combines meditative beauty with a sensitivity to the lead character's vulnerability to create the backdrop for her tale of bravery and self-exploration. With his trademark elegance, Erik (director Erik Van Wyk) handles this love story with great restraint. Each scene - from the lingering decision at the start, to the hypnotic connection between deer and driver and ultimate reunification of lovers - a moment of magic. The result is a visual poem that expresses the warmth at the heart of VW technology."

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by Steve Hall    Jul-12-12    
Topic: Commercials

Brut's 'Manliness' Shames Old Spice, Axe


So Old Spice makes your man the man your man could smell like. Axe and Lynx turns men into drool-worthy lady magnets. So what's left for Brut? Well, if your the family man type, you're gonna love it. If not, well, then not so much.

Created by Sigma Group, the spot is directed by Directorz's David Wild.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-12-12    
Topic: Commercials

Miranda Kerr Frolics Seaside For Victoria's Secret


The stunningly sexy Miranda Kerr can be seen in Victoria's Secret's latest soft core porn...uh...commercial for it Summer 2012 line of cotton lingerie. Set to the tune of Rhye's "Open," the commercial has Kerr in a tropical, beach-side setting lounging around and prancing about while grinning at the camera and caressing her own body.

Which, of course, you would do too is you were as hot as Kerr.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-12-12    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials, Racy

P&G Knows Olympians Will Always Be Kids to Their Moms


Following its Cannes-winning (five Lions) Best Job ad which saluted moms and touted the brand's sponsorship of the 2012 London Summer Olympics, P&G is out with another wonderful piece of Olympic-themed work. Created by Wieden + Kennedy, Kids envisions a world filled with child Olympic athletes. Which, to a mom, is always how they will view their fully grown Olympic athletes.

It's not as heart string pulling as its predecessor but its equally as inspiring. And true.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-11-12    
Topic: Commercials

How to Have Sex While Ironing Your Clothes


International porn legend, Nacho Vidal, has unleashed his secret to stellar performance in bedroom. In a comical mostly-NSFW video, we see the effects of the aphrodisiac/performance enhancement supplement Fortiplus on Vidal as he pleasures woman after woman after woman...all while he seemingly goes about his daily business.

Guess it makes sense that sex simply becomes boring for a porn star after a while and all that matters is whether or not one can maintain an erection. Personally, we enjoy the aphrodisiac-like spontaneity of random sexual encounters.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-10-12    
Topic: Commercials, Racy, Strange, Video

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