Buger King Whopperettes Super Bowl Ad Analyzed Comic Strip Style


Perhaps digging into an analyzation of a commercial more than any normal person would ever dream of doing but offering clever insight is this comic strip analysis of Burger King's Whopperette's Super Bowl commercial.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-06    
Topic: Commercials, Super Bowl 2006

The Best Super Bowl Ad Wasn't Even An Ad


While we watched the Super Bowl, we marveled at the promotions for ABC's Lost, particularly, as Adrants reader Terry Heaton so thankfully reminded us this morning, the "Addicted to Lost" version set to the tune of eighties icon Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" which showed Palmer and his eighties girls on the TV where Jack and Locke watched that creepy video at the end of last season. Perhaps, it's because we already watch Lost, we liked the promos so much or, perhaps, it's because they were just really good.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-06    
Topic: Commercials, Good, Promotions, Super Bowl 2006, Television

Burger King, Ameriquest, ESPN, Beer Institute Super Bowl Favorites


So the Super Bowl is over. Was it worth the $2.6 million each marketer spent on a :30? We won't know for months but who cares. It's all entertainment anyway. You can read Bob Garfield's take on the whole thing here and marvel at his shock that the Super Bowl (oh, the horror) is commercial and that rock and roll is (oh, the horror) about making money. You can watched some of the ads Ad Age found more memorable here. You can watch all the ads at iFilm here. Or you can just go get a cup of coffee and see what your co-workers think.

We're not quite sure what our favorite is yet but for some strange reason we're leaning towards the Burger King Whopperettes commercial. Either that or the wonderfully on-message ESPN Mobile ad. The Hummer H3 ad, of course, was very good but we've seen it too many times already. A nod also goes to Ameriquest for their two very funny spots and the Beer Institute did a good job telling us we should all just go have a beer and the world's problems would be solved. Oh, wait, we said that.

Also high on our list are the Budweiser Clydesdales spot and Bud Light's "Magic Fridge."

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-06    
Topic: Commercials, Good, Opinion, Super Bowl 2006, Television

Video of Indestructible Toyota Truck Should Have Been Super Bowl Ad


While we might have thought the Toyota Tocoma Super Bowl ad that parked the vehicle during low tide, showed it getting thrashed about then driven off as if nothing had happened to it was a bit of truth stretching. Well, after watching this video about another Toyota truck that received far worse treatment that just a little sea water, we are humbled. Seriously humbled. Nothing this guy did to his truck would stop it from working. Nothing. Toyota should have paid $25 million to run this 10-15 minute video as their Super Bowl ad rather than do a :30 copy of it.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-06    
Topic: Commercials, Sponsorship, Television

Hummer H3 Robot Super Bowl Commercial Old But Still Good


Everyone's all excited about the Hummer H3 Jennifer Loves the Monster spot but we saw it too and were like, "Dudes, that's so over." The commercial's been making the rounds since last summer. OK, so last summer, there wasn't a Super Bowl but still. There is something new though. The Monster has a cheesy website where she professes her love for the robot. Way to extend a campaign Modernista!

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-06    
Topic: Commercials, Good, Super Bowl 2006, Television

Beer Institute Super Bowl Ad Solves World's Problems


The Beer Institute ran a Super Bowl ad that showed people around the world saying "cheers" or some such equal salute in different languages and locations around the world. It's an interesting strategy and one that harken s Warren Beatty's statement in in the movie, Bulworth, when he said, "If we all fucked each other, we'd eventually end up the same color," in that if everyone in the world just got together and had a few beers with each other there'd be none of the ridiculous political problems we face today. See the ad on the Beer Institute's site.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-06    
Topic: Commercials, Good, Super Bowl 2006, Television

Emerald Nuts Super Bowl Ad Stupid


OK, the Emerald Nuts Super Bowl ad was just stupid. There's not much more to say about it. Unless, of course, you have a thing for druids and Asians with machetes. If you simply have to see it, you can see it here.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-06    
Topic: Bad, Commercials, Super Bowl 2006, Television

Toyota Tacoma Super Bowl Commercial Less Than Honest

Toyota ran a time-lapsed commerical for its Tacoma during the Super Bowl in which the truck is parked on a rocky beach and subjected to the rising tide and heavy waves that smash it against the rocks. Of course, when the tide goes out, the truck is undamaged even though it was toss all over the place during high tide. That would explain the disclaimer at the bottom which stated this was a dramatization. More like a lie.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-06    
Topic: Commercials, Super Bowl 2006, Television, Worst

Budweiser Clydsdales Bring Out the Baby


As usual, the Budweiser Clydesdale spot in this year's Super Bowl was emotional, showing a small Clydesdales doing his best to pull the Bud wagon, eager to become one of the famed older Clydesdales. In a spot called "Clydesdale American Dream," the little guy succeeds but has a bit of help from his friends. Need a Kleenex? Remember, these are the horses that bowed to the New York city skyline post-911. See the spot here.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-06    
Topic: Commercials, Good, Super Bowl 2006, Television

Turbulence And Sleeping Passengers Make Potty Trip Tough


Everyone's been stuck in that frustrating situation on a plane when you're sitting in a window seat in a row of three seats and you just really, really have to go to the bathroom except the passengers next to you are sleeping making a graceful exit to the aisles a tryting task. That's the set up for Ameriquest's second Super Bowl ad. The poor woman trying to make it to the bathroom ends up in a rather embarrassing position once a bit of turbulence hits causing the lights to go on and revealing to the rest of the passengers her not so normal seating position. See the spot here.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-06    
Topic: Commercials, Good, Super Bowl 2006, Television

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