Honda Wants 'Cog' Success Again


Honda and its agency Weiden + Kennedy are hoping two new spots currently in the works called "Impossible Dream" and "Choir" can match the success of the company's "Cog" and Grr" spots. The "Impossible" spot has a car morphing into a bunch of different vehicles including a boat and a hot air balloon. The "Choir" spot is being created by the team that worked on the "Cog" spot. We can't wait.

by Steve Hall    Oct-20-05    
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Commercials

Guiness A Modern Day Pleasure


Taking the notion "good things come to those who wait," Guinness, in this new commercial, takes us on a ride through time just to show how great tasting their beer is.

by Steve Hall    Oct-19-05    
Topic: Commercials

Charlotte Church to Appear in Pepsi Ad


In the UK, Pepsi is said to be in talks with former child opera star and current tabloid queen, Charlotte Church along with Oasis band member Liam Gallagher to appear in a Pepsi commercial promoting the drinks' use as a cocktail mixer. In the ad, it is said, Gallagher will teach Church how to smash up a hotel room while sucking down drinks mixed with Pepsi. Now there's a brand image worth fighting for. A Pepsi source explains, "We've always got safe, family friendly stars to endorse Pepsi in the past, like Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles, Cindy Crawford and Blue. But Pepsi is becoming more and more popular as a cocktail mixer at parties, so we want a wilder, more controversial image to go with that, and Liam and Charlotte are ideal. They both love their booze and between them they cover the gender demographics we're trying to target. Charlotte is young, sexy and fun-loving, while Liam is an older, cool rock star." Now there's a brand manager that doesn't gloss over the truth of his company's marketing goals.

Almost three years ago, we proudly predicted Charlotte Church would rise to a level of celebrity on par with Britney Spears. While she might not quite have reached Spears' level, if Spears continues to head in her current direction, it won't be too difficult for Church to overtake.

by Steve Hall    Oct-19-05    
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New Eminem Apple Spot Remarkably Similar to Lugz Spot


AdFreak has examined the new Apple Eminem spot and found it to be remarkably similar to a Lugz Footwear spot which aired in 2001. We have to agree, the similarities are striking but, then again, all new ideas have been taken, right?

by Steve Hall    Oct-17-05    
Topic: Commercials Leverages Big Feet in New Campaign


Coinciding with National Coming Out Day, Planet Out's on Tuesday launched a new ad campaign with the tagline "More Than Meets the Eye" which fixates on the apparent relationship between foot size and...well...dong size. Along with a promotional online video in which a guy plays footsie with men of all different foot sizes until he finds foot-measure-breaking Mr. Bigfoot, print ads and outdoor ad to the campaign. Too bad there isn't an accompanying hetero campaign in which the relationship between booty size and breast size was explored.

by Steve Hall    Oct-13-05    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Magazine, Outdoor

Lottery Ad Capitalizes On Stupid, Greedy Americans


Here's an ad for the Washington state lottery in which a woman freaks out to a 911 operator for reasons other than one would initially think. As Adrants reader Sean Orr points out, this spot does a great job illustrating America's hyper-capitalist, greedy obsession with money no matter what the cost. Oh sure, it's humor but what's humor without a reality on which to base it?

by Steve Hall    Oct-11-05    
Topic: Commercials, Strange, Television

Muppets Appear in Charity Spot


PuppetVision points out New Zealand charity, CanTeen, an organization supporting young people living with cancer has launched a spot featuring the Muppets singing their famed "Mahna Mahna" song to promote National Bandanna Week and the group's green CanTeen bandanna. FCB created the commercial and got Disney in LA to quickly approved character usage and then shot the spot just two days later with the Muppets cast.

by Steve Hall    Oct-10-05    
Topic: Brands, Commercials, Online

UNICEF Anti-War Commercial Blows Up Smurfs


Along the lines of the United Nations Mine Action Service commercial which which shows a girl who, while playing soccer, steps on a land mine and gets blown up, UNICEF in Belgium has created an anti-war commercial which shows Smurf characters getting shot to pieces by warplanes. The spot, which aims to raise money for the rehabilitation of former child soldiers in Burundi and carries the tagline "Don't let war affect the lives of children," is set to air this week. After viewing a preview of the spot, reactions ranged from approval to shock to terror in children.

UNICEF spokesman Philippe Henon explains the approach was needed to grab attention, "It's controversial. We have never done something like this before, but we've learned over the years that the reaction to the more normal type of campaign is very limited." Acknowledging the potential reaction, UNICEF has promised the spot will air only after 9PM.

The Smurf characters, which have been around since 1958, along with Tintin and Lucky Luke were created in Belgium and family members of the late Smurf creator, Peyo, gave permission to use the characters. Publicis created the spot which can be viewed in the middle of this news report.

by Steve Hall    Oct-10-05    
Topic: Commercials

Food Network Launches Promos, Press Release Gushes


Design and production company Troika Design Group just finished some promos for the Food Network called, "Food is..." which consist or lushly filmed food.

Or, if you prefer the press release version, Troika just "completed their latest campaign for long-time client Food Network. Entitled "Food Is…," the ID package comprises nine five-second spots that fuse gorgeous live-action footage together with crisp graphics creating vignettes in which food and life interact in emotional and unexpected ways. Troika handled all aspects of production, including writing, directing, animation, original music and sound design."

more »

by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-05    
Topic: Cable, Commercials

Kenwood Brings Back the Dead


Kenwood Italy has come up with an automotive sound system that's so great, it apparently brings the dead back to life, with the help of 'Stayin Alive,' of course. Weird. And not really that good either but have a look.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 3-05    
Topic: Commercials

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