Diago Promotes Smirnoff ICE With Quirky Russian Characters


Yesterday, Diageo announced the launch of a new ad campaign for Smirnoff ICE and Smirnoff Twisted V, starring a guy named Uri and his friend Gorb, both of whom have horrible imitation Russian accents. The snore-inducing press release claims the two "use their street smarts and unique cultural perspective to cut through the clutter encountered in daily life." Oddly, the campaign itself is not all that snore-inducing. See the commercials after the jump.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-29-05    
Topic: Commercials, Creative Commentary

Elvis Presley Graceland Campaign Launched


Last we heard, the Elvis estate needed a bunch of money to dig itself out of debt. Perhaps they've already done that or perhaps this new campaign urging people to visit Graceland is part of a revenue boosting strategy. Either way - and you have permission to shoot us for writing this, we never really listened to Elvis or watched his movies. We just couldn't grasp the appeal of the whole persona.

Anyway, there's other new campaigns that have launched recently which are featured in Ad Age's TV Spot of the Week including Unilever Sunlight Soap, a Cingular ad featuring Chewbacca, a strange caveman ad for British Columbia Dairy Foundation, a freak puts a fish bowl over his head for Lipton, raccoons stand in for deceased Dave and booted Mr. Wendy for Wendy's, a kooky Tony Sinclair promotes Tanqueray from the deck of a ship and Goodyear reminds us it was their tires that helped the moon rover do its thing back in 1971.

by Steve Hall    Apr-25-05    
Topic: Commercials

Roomate Sets Beer Booby Trap

When someone really loves beer and there's only one left in the fridge, some will go to great lengths to make sure they get the beer instead of their roommate. Reminiscent of Honda Cog in a very simplistic sense, the losing roommate in this ad finds himself under a great deal of pressure after having triggered his roommate's booby (no, not that kind) trap.
by Steve Hall    Apr-24-05    
Topic: Commercials

IKEA Keeps Children's Toys Dildo-Free

There's many classically embarrassing moments in life but we're sure the one where your kid finds your dildo is right up there on the list. IKEA uses this little shocker to suggest their furniture and its storage features might help in keeping little Johnnie's toys separate from Mommy's vibrating toys. The ad is said to have run in movie theaters in France as well as in Germany. Leave it to those Europeans to, once again, point out America's uptight culture.
by Steve Hall    Apr-24-05    
Topic: Commercials

BK One-Ups Wendy's with Severed Hand

Unfortunate timing

Burger King has had so much fortune with its various daring commercials and viral efforts over the past couple years, but its luck ran out when Crispin Porter & Bogusky's newest effort (via Adland) happened to involve a severed hand. Severed hand, you ask? What could possibly go awry with a campaign for a big fast food burger that involved a severed hand? Yeah, now you see it. Wendy's recent fracas involving a chili-dipped severed finger of unknown provenance is currently slamming its marketshare nationwide, and especially on the West Coast, where that's actually considered grody.

by     Apr-22-05    
Topic: Commercials

Woman Strips Man, Baby Farts, Milk Cures PMS, Eskimos Suck Face

Reversing a concept recently used in an Axe deodorant ad comes this commercial for SABMiller's Brutal Fruit in which a woman forces a man to move based on what she does to her bottle of Brutal Fruit. Other commercials featured in this week's AD Age TV Spots of the Week include, again for SABMiller, a spot featuring animals, poking a bit of fun at Budweiser's use of animals in its campaigns, auditioning for a role in the brewer's ad campaign; a very humorous Got Milk?" campaign that capitalizes on recent findings milk may reduce the effects of PMS causing men to obtain as much milk as they can; a Scope commercial that helps Eskimos get beyond the nose rub; Truth satirizes big tobacco companies for becoming media companies and changing their names to avoid bad PR; a Hispanic spot promoting the successful HED Grocery Store; a farting baby promotes Suzuki and Mercedes doodlers doodle up the new 2006 M Class.

by Steve Hall    Apr-18-05    
Topic: Commercials

50 Cent Reebok Ad Pulled From UK

Responding to concerns it glorifies gun violence, Reebok has pulled its 50 Cent spot, part of the company's new "I am what I am" campaign, from United Kingdom airwaves but has not yet done so in the States. The ad, very obviously, refers to 50's having been shot 9 times and is, certainly, one of the more daring and questionable celebrity associations.

by Steve Hall    Apr-15-05    
Topic: Commercials

Tiger Woods Shot Fodder For Great Nike Ad

Rather than simply pointing out this past weekend's amazing shot by Tiger Woods would make a great Nike ad, Joe Jaffe just went out and made the ad. Well, he added "Just do it." to the end of the footage but it certainly does make for a great ad. Does this mean that if Nike does make the shot into an ad, they have to pay Jaffe? Hmm.

by Steve Hall    Apr-11-05    
Topic: Commercials

Anti-Smoking PSA Hits Hard

To illustrates the fact that one third of all smokers will die from smoking, this PSA uses a powerful analogy involving cars and pedestrians. It hits home.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 8-05    
Topic: Commercials

Anheuser-Busch Super Bowl Military Spot Gets Hacked

Why it took so long, we do not know but someone has made a minor edit to the ending of Budweiser's brilliant Super Bowl Military commercial inserting what was probably on the minds of some but was, wisely, left out. Rather than sit through the entire minute long, 4 MB file just to see the pay off, here's a screenshot for your enjoyment.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 7-05    
Topic: Commercials

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