Hugh Jackman + Inception + Flashmob = Cheesy Lipton Ad


Seriously? Seriously? Who asks a chair to dance while at the beach? When do beach attendants open umbrellas in unison? When do complete strangers decide to join in and dance along? And when does it all suddenly turn into a scene from Inception, fast becoming the most tiresome and overused element in today's advertising?

When it's a silly commercial for Lipton Ice Tea...with Hugh Jackman who, by the way, actually, can dance. And because as we all know flash mob-like behavior is totally normal in advertising.

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by Steve Hall    May- 3-11    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials, Strange

SapientNitro Creates Food Porn For Dove


Silky. Smooth. Chocolate. And that's all you really need to know about this new work from SapientNitro for Dove Chocolate. The campaign, which is said to "showcase the emotional connection between Dove and women who enjoy its pure, silky smooth chocolate," consists of two spot.

One is pure food porn. The second acknowledges some women aren't perfect and do have flaws but when it comes to chocolate, Dove women are flawless in their dedication to hocolate.

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by Steve Hall    May- 3-11    
Topic: Commercials

Morons Don't Use Kayak


A new campaign from Gerry Graf's new agency, BFG9000 for travel site Kayak makes it clear morons and bright people do not use Kayak when making travel plans. Why? Because only morons get to the top. And in business, getting to the top is a good thing. And, besides, when you're at the top you don't make your own travel plans anyway so trashing moronic top management, it seems, is all well and good for Kayak. Plus it makes the underlings who do use Kayak - to make travel plans for their moronic bosses - feel really good about themselves. An insightful win-win if you ask us

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by Steve Hall    May- 3-11    
Topic: Commercials

The Dumbest Semi-Sexy Ad You Will Ever See


It's one thing to have a sexy bikini model or, in this case, a Lingerie Football League player in your commercial. It's entirely another thing to combine the use of that model with what can only be described as the kind of production crew that creates cheesy local cable commercials.

But when you do make that combination, you end up with this horror show from IT company International Enterprise Services which shot a commercial with Alisha Lucik in Las Vegas. And they couldn't even come up with their own concept opting, instead, to rip off another.

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by Steve Hall    May- 3-11    
Topic: Commercials, Racy, Worst

Volkswagen Passat Provides Pleasure Before Business


Everyone has a morning ritual. Every ritual is different. Some roll out of bed five minutes before they have to be to work. Some wake up hours earlier. Most face the work week with trepidation. Some, though, find a bit of pleasure before the business of work sets in.

The family in this DDB Sydney-created Volkswagen Passat commercial find much pleasure and enjoyment in the early hours of the morning before the responsibilities of the work and school day set in. The allegory, of course, is that the car can handle all your needs. Though how a Passat is any better at this than any other vehicle goes unexplained.

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by Steve Hall    May- 3-11    
Topic: Commercials

Angie Harmon Drinks Milk, OOO Ad Examples, More Doug Puppet


- Behind the Scenes of Angie Harmon's New "Got Milk?" Ad

- Don't blame your lazy neighbor for rising medical care costs. BCBS North Carolina wants to have a big 'ol social media-style conversation about the issue.

- Meet BMW's M Gladiators, part of a new campaign in China for the brand.

- Not to belittle but yet another domestic abuse concept which travels down the "afraid to tell" path. This one riffs on YouTube's "removed by user" screen.

- A humorous look at what the world of Out of Office email advertising could look like.

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by Steve Hall    May- 2-11    
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Celebrity, Commercials, Video

Popping Balloons Tell Stop Motion Story For MTV Brazil


Well this is novel. Fresh. New. Different. And yet, a riff on an old favorite: the flip book. Dulcidio Caldeira from ParanoidBR sent us recent work the company did for MTV Brazil. It's really quite ingenious.

The one minute commercial tells a story using images drawn on hundreds of balloons which are then popped by a device with a camera mounted on a dolly which travels at a speed fast enough to pop and film 10 balloons each second. Caldeira tells us it took 24 hours to get the multiple shots needed to piece together the story.

If you look closely, you can see the dolly took several different trips down thr track to get the entire story told. Very cool. We like.

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by Steve Hall    May- 2-11    
Topic: Commercials

You Don't Need to Be A Dot Com Millionaire to Appreciate Life


Turtle Wax would like us to know certain things are more important in life than becoming a best selling author or get a multi-year professional sports deal or become the next dot com millionaire. Yes. According to Turtle Wax, the only thing that really matters in a well waxed car. Oh, and it helps if that car is a classic.

The spot, called Do Yourself Proud, was created by HY Connect.

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by Steve Hall    May- 2-11    
Topic: Commercials

The Horror! Men Objectified to Sell Soda


Here's one for the ladies. And this is a good thing. Because 999,999,999 out of a billion commercials with a sexual theme are created for men. Why? For the same reason the porn industry is centered almost entirely around the needs of men. It's just the way it is.

But that doesn't mean a woman doesn't enjoy ogling a hot dude once in a while and that's exactly what this Jillz commercial gives the ladies.

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by Steve Hall    May- 2-11    
Topic: Commercials, Racy

Paltrow Does Coach, R/GA Copied, Dick Travels


- As part of its 70th anniversary celebrations, Coach has tapped Gwyneth Paltrow as the face of its Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 international campaigns.

- The cheesiest lingerie ad you will ever see.

- R/GA thinks it's been ripped off by StarGroup. What do you think?

- Nautica is hyping its summer Nautica Concert Series with all manner of social media including a presence on Facebook.

- Mullen is out with new work for the Barnes & Noble Nook Color.

- Traveling dick urges us to have safe sex.

- Ogilvy has some fun with the Royal Wedding.

by Steve Hall    Apr-27-11    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials, Social, Strange

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