As a Bruins Fan the Least You Can Do is Respect the Jersey


If you're going to be a hockey fan, you had better respect the team, their dedication and, above all, their uniform. Especially when you're a fat slob who can't put ketchup on a hot dog properly. It's just common courtesy after all.

But if you simply can't abide but that simple code of conduct then you had better be ready for the ramifications of your actions. Check out the entire video series here.

Mullen created the campaign.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-10    
Topic: Commercials

GM Falls Down, Gets Up, Thanks Us For Helping


The knock out. The flame out. The crash. We all fall down. That's the primary message from GM in this Goodby, Silverstein & Partners-created commercial which ran in select markets over the Thanksgiving holiday. In the ad we see failure, dejection and sadness. But, we also see rebirth, rejuvenation and success.

GM did, indeed, fall down. They fell hard. And they needed help to get back up. And they took it. But they aren't without appreciation for the help we all gave them (yes, it was our money the government gave them) and they show their gratitude for our help in this commercial.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-30-10    
Topic: Commercials

Orangina Spoofs, Vegas Survives, Cameltoe Accentuated


- Oragina spoofs commercial after commercial after commercial.

- Las Vegas ad campaign targets recession survivors.

- If you follow fashion advertising you'll be interested to know Anna Dello Russo is out with a new campaign for her fragrance. If you're not, then just move right along.

- Interested in what online video can do for your marketing? Check out this webinar by video blogging expert Steve Garfield.

- And don't forget to submit your hotness to Advertising Hotties.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-29-10    
Topic: Commercials, Racy, Spoofs, Strange

Rokk Vodka Gives us Luxury, Status, And a Viking


OK, this is hilarious, Poking fun at very over done ad concept you've ever seen, Rokk Vodka brings us back to reality. Delivered in seductive Euro accent, a beautiful woman intones, "Luxury, Status. Desire. And...a Viking." Oh, and, of course, a vodka. From that point on, it gets silly. Oh and there's Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer too.

We love it. Booze is just booze.

by Steve Hall    Nov-24-10    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials, Strange

Christmas Tree Causes Mayhem on the Road


According to Allstate Insurance, you never know when mayhem will strike. Another installment from the Leo Burnett campiagn has our friend, mayhem, taking on the role of a Douglas Fir. A happy go lucky family is out for the evening picking up their Christmas tree. On the ride home, unbeknownst to them, the three comes lose from the top of their car, falls to the road and causes another car to crash.

The talking tree informs, "If you have cut rate insurance, you may not be covered for this." What a Merry Message for the holiday season. But, as we've seen before from Mayhem, mayhem can strike at any time.

The work is a nice tie in to the holiday season and it's an entirely probable scenario.

by Steve Hall    Nov-24-10    
Topic: Commercials

Don't You Dare Turn That New York Jets Game Off


Here's the latest in Mullen's Ground Rules campaign for JetBlue. Witness what happens when the bartender turns off the New York Jets game at an East Village bar. Not exactly the best thing to do. And...if you wouldn't take it on the ground, don't take it in the air.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-22-10    
Topic: Commercials, Video

Alec Baldwin Supports Mother's Love For Wegman's


While the ads are not all that great...after all, they're for a grocery store...we can tell you from personal experience that Rochester, New York-based Wegman's is every bit as awesome as Alec Baldwin's mother says it is. If you recall, Baldwin appeared on Letterman and told Dave after Baldwin and one of his brothers suggested their mother relocate from Syracuse to California, Baldwin's mother's response was, "And leave Wegman's?"

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by Steve Hall    Nov-19-10    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials

Epic Burp Ruins Epic Beauty of Epic Beer Commercial


Almost reminiscent of the epic Carlton Draught Big Ad (which you absolutely must watch again), Clemenger BBDO is out with another epic Australian beer commercial. The ad begins with epic music accompanying an epic journey through epically beautiful Brewtopia to an epic Parthenon atop the epic Mount Utopia which offers up even more epicness like a white flying horse and epic looking pure blonde beer babes dressed in flowing white robes who serve up Pure Blonde beer.

It's all...well...epically epic. That is until one guy is epically rude and destroys every last bit of epicness with a tiny burp which turns epic as it echoes through the mountaintops until it causes the epic destruction of the previously epic Mount Utopia.

All that's left standing are the two guys, their two beers and the dress one guy ripped off the epically beautiful pure Blonde beer babe.


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by Steve Hall    Nov-19-10    
Topic: Brands, Commercials, Creative Commentary, Good

Tassimo Brewbot Recalls Citroen Transformer


Remember all those Transformers-themed commercials? Mini Cooper did it. Citroen did it. That got spoofed. Then Citroen did it again. And many others followed suit.

Now coffee machine maker Tassimo is bringing back the transformer robot. Which is all anyone really wants in the morning when they slog their ass into the kitchen for a cup of coffee: a dancing robot that mechanically intones, "What...can I get for you?"

I'm going back to sleep.

by Steve Hall    Nov-18-10    
Topic: Commercials

Starbucks Flies the Holiday Snowflakes


It's that time of year again, Starbucks Lovers. Yes it is. The air is cooler. The wind is whipping. And it's time for your favorite Holiday drink from Starbucks. To make us all aware of this fact, BBDO New York is out with a new commercial touting the coffee shop's whipped sensations.

Using motif of snowflake-shaped kites, the commercial delivers that anticipation some of us love and some of us hate: the cold. That little detail aside, what Starbucks really wants us to focus on is the holidays. And who doesn't love the holidays? So go run to Starbucks right now and buy yourself a cup of holiday warmth.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-18-10    
Topic: Commercials

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